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Secure and Authentic Certificate Printing

Certificate Printing

Orion is an established and secure printing company with a depth of experience in numerous sectors. Throughout our 25 years of working in the industry, we have acquired an expert in-house team to produce secure and creative products. We have provided bespoke solutions for many of the UK’s favourite brands, keeping them safe from fraudulent activity. We technology evolves, so do we. We are constantly creating innovative ways to improve our services and implement new security features. Our certificates have been developed to host the best security features possible to provide a safe and authentic document, whilst being printed with high quality ink and paper.

The UK’s Leading Authentic Certificate Printing Solutions


With our expertise in professional certificate printing services, we have gained experience across numerous sectors. Our printed certificates and registration documents are used for multiple areas, such as university degrees and college diplomas, accreditation bodies and societies, award certificates and institutes and associations. 


We pride ourselves on advanced security within our workplace and our products. Our printing technology combats forgery and prevents fraudsters from creating fake certificates or registration documents. We hold your certificates and documents in our secure buildings that have 24/7/365 CCTV and regular yet random checks. Areas have restricted access and we have two buildings in case of disasters. Not only are our areas secure, but all of our products have the best security print features to provide our clients with peace of mind.


We use the latest technology and in-house, custom-made software. This provides peace of mind to our clients that any diplomas, certificates or registration documents that we print are secure and accurate. These are then stores in our high security unit when printed. We are able to manufacture a secure base stock for future overprinting by our clients to a bespoke specification. Or, we are able to tailor a complete certificate printing solution to fully supplement your business and its requirements.

Why choose Orion for secure Certificate Printing?

Brand Protection

We have excellent in-house design capabilities which are able to create fresh, effective and original documents - as opposed to using existing certificate templates. By doing this, we are able to stay consistent with any corporate guidelines, ensuring your brand is completely protected. At Orion, we also offer expert insight and advice on brand protection for your printed certificates. By utilising our vast array of materials and unique printing processes, we are able to provide your certificates and diplomas the ultimate protection against fraudulent activities such as copying or alteration. We are able to add more personalisation to your products to keep your brand protected and consistent.

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Personalised Certificate Printing

All of our certificates are completely customisable with our customers able to choose everything from the paper, security features and design. Once you're happy with the look and feel of your certificates, we can add on as many personalised variations as needed. For example, for universities we can change the name, degree, pass rate etc for each individual certificate to suit the honour the recipient is being awarded with. We can even add custom images to your certificates to give them a more personalised feel and individuality for each recipient.

Authentic and Secure

We have created i-Validate security, which is a means of verifying certificate authenticity electronically via online portals. A portal is branded to your organisation. This can allow anyone, anytime, anywhere, to check the validity of the contents of the certificate, without having to physically inspect them at our secure site. This is just one of the security features we're able to implement to make your products as safe as possible.

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Certificate Printing Security Features


It is important for certificates and registration documents to be extremely secure and authentic. Forged certificates and registrations are used to support job applications and provide a false proof of identity. Therefore, having strong security measures is a must to protect the documents from criminals. To deter or prevent fraudulent activity such as identity theft or degree fraud, our secure certificate printing features can help.

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The education industry has an estimated revenue of over £43bn as of 2020, and continues to grow. Due to the abundance of students that graduate each year, certificates are vital. Therefore, the education industry greatly benefits from bespoke and secure certificate printing to provide professional and authentic documentation. These are able to be provided from us at Orion with our innovative security features and high quality printing.


Sport and physical activity in the UK contributes £39billion to the economy. The sports industry is able to provide certificates for multiple reasons, the first being as a prize for competitions. With Orion, the sports industry is able to provide authentic and high quality certificates to individuals who have achieved in their sport. 

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Take a look at common FAQs for Certificate Printing below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What are the benefits of a secure certificate?

Effective security features implemented into a certificate allow others to recognise its authenticity. This allows recruiters to know the candidate’s degree is authentic. Anti-fraud is very important with certificates, therefore the right security features are vital.

Can I see samples of certificates?

Yes, at Orion we are able to provide samples for all of our products so our clients can gain the best possible outcome of what they desire. From materials to security features, we’re able to help guide you through the possibilities.

How much are certificates?

For professional, secure and high quality certificate printing the price is dependent on numerous factors. The factors can be the quantity, size, security features and more. The easiest way to get a quote on your specific requirements is to get in contact with us and we can help guide you and provide pricing details.

What are security features?

Security features are innovative and intricate designed features to add into your products that help combat fraudulent activity. These can range from special inks that only shine under certain lights or personalised sequential numbering. By adding these into the certificate it provides authenticity and stops fraudsters from trying to duplicate the product.

Do I have to design the certificate or plastic card?

No, we have an expert in-house design team that is able to help you design the products with us. We are able to provide you with the best possible outcome for your business whilst staying on brand. We will guide you through the process, from the drawing board to delivery.