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Secure and Authentic Certificate Printing

Professional Certificate Printing

At Orion we professionally design certificates with protecting your brand our main priority. We have decades of experience working with universities, schools and awarding bodies. Our certificates are unique to each customer and with robust security features they protect the authenticity of each award.


With our expertise in professional certificate printing services, we have gained experience across numerous sectors. Secure certificates are essential for schools and universities for confirming exam results and diploma achievements. We also work closely with awarding bodies, artists and collectors to verify products and achievements.


We believe awards for GCSEs, A-Levels and Degrees should be protected. By using state of the art security methods we can ensure your certificates are safe and unique. With custom security features such as holograms, UV inks, foils, badges, threads and more, we can protect your certificates from fraud. We offer a huge range of bespoke features to validate your certificates.

What types of certificates are available?

Educational certificates

We offer custom printed certificates for universities, schools and educational facilities. We should celebrate GCSEs, A-Levels, diplomas and degrees by protecting them. We have experience working with schools, colleges and universities across the UK to provide highly secure certificates for educational achievements.

Award Certificates

Award certificates are common in workplaces, sports teams and clubs. Whether you're recognising an act of kindness, bravery or someone who works hard - we can tailor make a certificate for you. Make the recipient feel appreciated with an official, secure certificate custom-made by Orion Print.

Certificates of authenticity

We work closely with artists and collectors to provide certificates of authenticity for art, coins, collectables and luxury goods. Any items that are expensive, uncommon, or collectible are susceptible to replicas and counterfeits. Authenticate the value of your goods with official certificates to prove their value and origin.

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Stock Certificates

We work with business owners and investors to provide official stock certificates. When an investor buys business shares they need proof of their purchase. By using an official, secure certification service like ours you reduce the risk of fraud and protect your investment.

Long service awards

We work with workplaces and public sector forces to provide long service awards for their employees. Recognise dedication and hard work with an official award. We also provide corporate gifts to award alongside the certificates during award ceremonies - truly showcasing your appreciation.

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Training Certificates

If you run an academy or training school then you'll need to supply certificate for your training courses. By using an official, secure service such as ours your protect the validity of your award.

Why choose Orion to produce your certificates?

Protect the value of your award

Our in-house team dedicates themselves to creating original and effective certificates that safeguard your awards. Our in-house design team are on hand to create original and effective certificates, as opposed to using templates. We always adhere to your corporate guidelines to ensure we protect your brand and your awards.

We also offer expert insight and advice on brand protection for your official, professional certificates. Utilising our vast array of materials and unique security features we are able to combat counterfeits offering your the ultimate protection. We can personalise all your products to make them relevant to each rewards and recipient.

Customised for each recipient

We customise each and every single one of our certificates to suit your specific needs. Our customers are able to choose every single element from the paper, security features and the design. We can add recipient names and awarded achievements once you're satisfied with the appearance of your certificates. We can even add custom images to your certificates to make them more unique for each individual recipient.

We offer certificates in full colour or in black and white. We can off singular or multiple designs depending on the scope of the project. Our custom printed certificates are the perfect way to celebrate any great achievement.

Authentic and Secure

We have created i-Validate security, which is a means of verifying certificate authenticity electronically via online portals. We brand the portals and adapt them for your organisation to reflect your awarding process. This can allow outside agents to check the validity of your certificates without having to physically inspect them. This is just one of the security features we're able to implement to make your products as safe as possible.

Certificate Printing Security Features


It is important for certificates and registration documents to be extremely secure and authentic. Job applications often require proof of qualifications, so employers need proof that a certificate is genuine. Therefore, having strong security measures is a must to protect the documents from criminals. To prevent fraudulent activity such as identity theft or degree fraud, we use our experience and secure certificate printing features.

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The education industry has an estimated revenue of over £43bn as of 2020, and continues to grow. Due to the abundance of students that graduate each year, certificates are a vital resource. Therefore, the education industry greatly benefits from bespoke and secure certificate printing to provide professional and authentic documentation. At Orion we’re highly experienced in providing secure bespoke certificates to the education industry.


Certificates of authenticity are now a well known add on when purchasing an expensive, rare or unique item. We have the capabilities to provide bespoke secure certificates for artists and collectors. You can find more about the uses of certificates of authenticity on our blog.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Certificate Printing below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What are the benefits of a secure certificate?

Effective security features implemented into a certificate allow others to recognise its authenticity. This allows recruiters to know the candidate’s degree is authentic. Anti-fraud is very important with certificates, therefore the right security features are vital.

Can I see samples of certificates?

We offer samples of our materials and security features prior to rolling them out across your printed products. We create digital designs prior to printing so that our customers can view them and suggest any amends.

How much are certificates?

For professional, secure and high quality certificate printing the price is dependent on numerous factors. The factors include the quantity, size, security features and more. You can get in touch with us for a quote via our website or call us on 0115 930 7517.

What are security features?

Security features are innovative and intricate designed features to add into your products that help combat fraudulent activity. These can range from special inks that only shine under certain lights or personalised sequential numbering. By adding these into the certificate it provides authenticity and stops fraudsters from trying to duplicate the product.

Do I have to design the certificate?

No, we have an expert in-house design team that is able to help you design the products with us. We are able to provide you with the best possible outcome for your business whilst staying on brand. We will guide you through the process, from the drawing board to delivery.