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Leading Experts in Digital Fulfilment

Digital Fulfilment

At Orion, we offer a digital storage and fulfilment service that is tailored to the products and needs of our clients. We work with some of the UK’s most well-known brands, providing a comprehensive end-to-end fulfilment service, which ensures that their digital products are stored, managed, and despatched promptly and securely every time.

Professional Digital Fulfilment


We are fully equipped to handle the secure fulfilment of digital items, such as eCards, eCodes held on one of our servers, emails or SMS messages. Services include:


  • B2C eGifts delivered directly to the recipient
  • B2B eCodes delivered in bulk to the corporate buyer
  • B2B eCards delivered to the recipient using corporate branding
  • SMS codes delivered straight to a smartphone
  • QR codes which can be scanned to gain access and information


Our clients also benefit from the latest online security features when they entrust their product to our specialist team.

Why should I choose Orion to fulfil my digital products?

High Level Encryption

We use the very latest in robust, cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure that all digital assets are stored and distributed securely. Our servers can only be accessed through a firewall by encrypted usernames and passwords. They use predetermined end-points and are held on a secure server, in a secure data store. Our customers have full confidence that their eCodes, eGifts, and all their sensitive data is managed to the very highest level of security and confidentiality.

Proactive Account Management

Our Account Managers are dedicated to building strong relationships with our customers, and continually strive to identify new ways that we can help them meet their business objectives. From the initial consultation, our team will work closely with you to fully understand your business and its fulfilment requirements. Throughout our fulfilment partnership, your Account Manager will offer advice and solutions based on your specific needs and best practices, providing a proactive approach to account management and customer service that puts Orion ahead of other fulfilment providers.

Seamless Integration

Our digital fulfilment specialists work closely with your development team to ensure a seamless integration with your internal systems, removing the hassle and disruption of extensive development work that other fulfilment providers can often insist upon. Essentially, we can operate as part of your team, delivering you a marketing-leading, external digital fulfilment partner with all the ease of an internal department.

Digital Fulfilment Features/Benefits

Orion have been at the cutting-edge of digital fulfilment for over a decade, fulfilling millions of secure digital assets for some of the UK’s leading brands. We also support your fulfilment needs with a unique, white-label customer service solution. Our experienced team can manage your b2b or b2c customer communications regarding orders placed for digital or physical products. All communications are carried out under your company branding, so as far as your customers are concerned, they’re only ever dealing with you.

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If you’d like more information about out products and services, please use this form to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

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We have been the digital fulfilment partner of choice for some of the UK’s leading hospitality organisations over the years. Whether its B2C eGifts delivered directly to a recipient, or B2B eCodes delivered in bulk to the corporate buyer, our digital fulfilment solutions offer pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels a secure and flexible way to deliver goods and promotions to their customers. As the landscape of the hospitality sector has adapted in recent years, we’ve continued to evolve and adapt our digital fulfilment solutions to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.


As one of the most evolving and high-demand sectors in the marketplace, retail businesses look for digital fulfilment partners who can accommodate the demands of their businesses and their customers. Whether it’s small, high street retailers or the UK’s largest supermarkets, Orion continues to lead the way in digital fulfilment solutions for the retail sector. From customised eGifts to SMS codes delivered directly to their customers, we work closely with our retail clients to ensure that our fully scalable digital fulfilment solutions are tailored to the needs of their businesses. With over 25 years’ experience, our team of fulfilment specialists continue to provide market-leading fulfilment solutions and customer service retail businesses across the UK.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Digital Fulfilment below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What is your fulfilment process?

Our fulfilment process goes:
1. Consultation – This is to fully understand your business and its fulfilment requirements.
2. System integration – this is to ensure the right connectivity in place to integrate with your internal system.
3. Files and assets – the format and frequency can be determined by you, and they will be delivered safely via encrypted email, FTP or API connection.
4. Delivery – this delivery can be digitally, bulk to your corporate customer, individually to the final recipient or we can even service your whole network of offices or retail outlets.

Are eCodes secure?

Our eCodes are held on our secure servers. As we are leading innovators of security features within digital and physical products, we also make sure our codes are safe and securely stores on our servers.

What are digital goods?

Digital goods, sometimes known as “e-goods” are the digital form of goods. This could be ebooks, audio and video files, software or codes. Due to their electronic format, they are easily reproduced and delivered to customers instantly, which is why they’re very popular with ecommerce.

Can your digital items be personalied?

Yes, we are able to completely personalise out digital products such as eGifts. Personalisation can create a relationship between the company and receiver, whether that is a customer or an employee. It also allows for your branding to stay consistent.

What is digital fulfilment?

Digital fulfilment uses innovative and integrated technology and automated order processing to boot efficiency of logistics whilst speeding up the supply chain. Digital solution integration can provide business owner with relevant data and analytic to improve the entire customer experience.