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Secure Printing of Speciality Solutions

Specialty Solutions

At Orion we have a wealth of experience in all different types of secure printing, which includes our numerous unique categories. We aim to always innovate and evolve our methods of secure printing to protect our customers against fraudulent activities and counterfeiting. With over 25 years experience under our belt, we have accumulated an expert team and provided top quality service to our clients. We pride ourselves on providing secure printing solutions, but not only is our printing secure but so are our warehouses. They contain 24/7 CCTV monitoring and regular checks, to make sure our customers are comfortable and confident they will receive secure, high quality and guaranteed products at competitive prices.

Secure Printing of Specialty Products in the UK


Here at Orion we print more than our standard services, we offer specialty product printing that is secure and top quality and competitive prices. We are able to print a variety of special products such as:


Long Service Awards


If you’re looking for more of a thank you gift for your peers, colleagues, line managers or friends we also produce long service awards. These range from simple thank you cards and greetings cards to bespoke printed wallets and can contain gift vouchers, gift cards and even e-codes printed within them. We are able to provide personalised printing at Orion, and the personalisation on our long service awards can vary. It can range from a generic message to an individual to a fully personalised message dedicated to the individual, including images, links to video content, QR codes and more. All of this can be driven from your existing data file, usually without having to involve any IT.




At Orion, we are proud to present our unique new product, the COMPAKcard. In a digital age it is still useful to have a hard copy of information that can be spread out to see a bigger picture, which is why we have created this innovative product. The COMPAKcard is a revolutionary marketing tool which has the ability to convey a wealth of information on a single sheet of paper. It is small enough to fit into your wallet or purse, which makes it convenient, as well as safe as it is secure in its own self-contained wallet. It opens out to 340mm x 180mm from the size of a credit card. As we find personalisation to be an important factor, we have made sure that the wallet and sheet it contains can be personalised on either side, offering your brand exposure and to cohesive maintain brand identity.



How Specialty Solutions can benefit your business

Promotional Products - Scratch Cards

Engage with customers with personalised and promotional cards, such as scratch cards. Our scratch cards are printed securely, and they can provide an air of excitement and anticipation for any marketing campaign. These cards can be valuable and effective in gathering data such as email addresses, telephone numbers simply by requesting details to be filled in on the reverse as a way of validation.

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Local Currency

A special printing solution we offer at Orion is secure printing of local currency. Independent Local Currencies are rising in popularity recently and more schemes have been emerging each year. We have acquired the appropriate skill set with our expert team to make a significant impact in the Local Currency market, both in the UK and Europe. Local Currency is continually recycled through the retailed system unlike its paper gift voucher counterpart, and to withstand constant handling we have developed a secure paper that is on par with Banknote Paper for wear resistance. A

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Long Service Awards

To show thanks to your peers, colleagues, line managers or friends we offer effective long service awards as part of our specialty products. These can range from a simple thank you card and greetings card to something more bespoke such as a personalised printed wallet containing gift vouchers, gift cards and even e-codes. These codes are able to be printed inside, for the more tech-savvy employees.

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Specialty Solutions Security Features


Our security features on our specialty solutions range from gold foil numbering to QR codes. At Orion we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality security solutions to keep our customers at ease by protecting your products from fraudulent activity and counterfeiting.  As we stay on the cutting edge of innovation in security solutions we keep pushing ourselves to evolve and adapt to keep our clients businesses safe and effective. As our specialty solutions differ from product to product, it will depend on which security solutions are viable, but nevertheless our in-house design team will help guide you through the best decision on making your product completely secure.


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Retail Industry

The retail industry is a giant in the UK surpassing $400 billion a year. As the biggest private sector employer in the UK, it has been a main sector Orion has provided secure fulfilment services for. From providing gift vouchers to the industry or local currency that circulates through the industry, we have been providing these services for over 25 years. We work closely with our retail clients to ensure that their products are top quality, secure and reach their customers on time and effectively.


The marketing industry encompasses traditional marketing channels which range from events to direct mail, as well as digital channels which range from social media to video. The marketing sector and demand is huge in the UK, with it being expected to grow even more. We work closely with clients who are using our expert printing solutions to achieve their marketing goals, such as our promotional speciality printing of scratch cards to build connections with consumers and gather insightful data.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Specialty Solutions below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

How to personalise items?

Personalisation is a powerful tool and becoming necessary in the modern day to build a connection with customers and boost consumer loyalty. Items, products and services can be personalised in various ways. From names being printed onto gift cards to photos being printed onto plastic cards, such as library cards.

What is a long service award?

A long service award is a gesture of recognition from a company to thank the employee from working with the company for a certain period of time. Traditionally these milestones are 5, 10, 25, 45 years. These awards are great for building relationships and showing gratitude to the employees.

How to securely print?

For secure printing it is best to go through a professional printing company that can specialise in security features to make your products as safe as possible and counterfeit free. Here at Orion we are experts in such printing and have provided expert printing to many established companies and events securely and effectively. If you’re unable to go through a company you can always utilise the secure print function on your company and enter a password by going to the properties of the printer driver before sending the job to the machine. However, this method will not provide any security features to protect your document.

Is it better to pay in local currency or gbp?

Local currency is usually better to pay in as local currency is continually recycled through the retail system causing the money to stay in circulation much longer. With our local currency the look and feel of your notes will ensure the utmost confidence with the public and ensure maximum protection is gained from your capital outlay. Costs are also kept to commercially acceptable levels.

How do I get a quote for specialty printing?

We are more than happy to provide a quote for you, our prices can vary depending on which specialty product you require and what add-ons or security features you want implementing. You can contact us for more detailed information on what you require.

Do you provide samples for specialty products?

Yes, here at Orion we are able to provide samples for our clients as we want you to get the optimal result that is secure, effective and professional. We are able to provide samples of materials, digital versions, features and more. If you would like to see our previous work, take a look at our case studies page.