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Security Inks

Security inks are just one of the vital security components that can be added to your product, fighting off any fraudulent activities and counterfeiting. Over the recent years, as with many of our security features, inks have improved considerably. They tend to differ significantly from standard inks due to complexity of the products and the wide ranges available.

Inks can be used when safeguarding a document and visual effects such as heat reactive and fluorescent inks are notable methods for instant verification of authenticity. These methods can be crucial in protecting documents, companies and events against fraud counterfeiting. We believe that security inks paired with other security features we provide will offer your product the ultimate brand protection needed.

Security Printing Specialists Providing Ink Solutions


At Orion, we have an objective to provide our customers with the highest level of document protection available on the market. As we continue to grow and push our innovative security features farther, we take pride in providing our customers with safe and professional products. We have over 25 years of experience in providing excellent customer service which can be seen on our testimonials page, as well as working with major brands shown on our case studies page. We have an expert team that have developed the necessary skills in utilising specialist inks to deliver high-quality specialist products across numerous sectors.

Explore the types of security inks for your business

Thermochromic Ink

Thermochromic inks which are commonly known as heat reactive inks are sensitive to temperature change. These inks vanish or reappear when subjected to different temperature ranges. Products such as certificates, tickets and vouchers are known to utilise such inks. Thermochromic inks can be various colours and be made to change in different temperatures, from low refrigeration to higher temperatures. Taking into consideration the climate will help greatly when choosing an ink for your product.

UV Ink

UV Ink, also known as Ultra Violet ink is used extensively as a safety feature on documents and products. The UV ink is invisible to the naked and can only be detected when viewed under a UV light, hence the name. When exposed to this light, the ink will appear and glow and it can be in a variety of UV colours. Currency tends to use this type of security ink as well as cheque printing or any item that requires revenue protection.

Tamper Evident

Ink is the extra safety measure to add onto your product to avoid fraudsters and counterfeiting. There are a wide range of tamper-evident inks available to aid detection when a document is susceptible to fraud, and will show you if your document has been tampered with.

Ink Security Features

Security inks come in a wide range of security levels and responses and can provide different responses. There are covert (invisible inks) or overt features that provide detectable responses which are usually read under a UV light. Choosing the right security ink and feature is dependent on what you’d like it for and which product you want it on, which our expert team can help you with. Other than our main three inks explained above, we also have solvent sensitive ink, adhesion promoting varnish and fugitive inks (aqua). 


Solvent sensitive ink has been devised to identify when there has been an attempt to alter the product such as remove or amend printed data from items such as tickets or cheques.


Adhesion promoting varnish is able to be applied to documents that have an element of personalisation printed. Therefore, it aids the adhesion of the toner to the substrate and can only be viewed using a UV light which can spot if the toner has been removed or altered by colour difference.


Fugitive inks (aqua) have been developed to combat fraudsters trying to tamper with documents with the use of water based solutions and water. Any effort to remove with water will cause the ink to run or blot which allows anyone who is verifying a chance of identifying a forgery. There is also availability of a solvent sensitive and water sensitive ink that combines both characteristics.

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Secure Products


We are able to provide formidable security features on certificates by using our innovative inks, such as UV and thermochromic inks. It is crucial for documents such as certificates to be very secure and authentic, which can be achieved through the implementation of our security inks. This not only shows the authenticity of the document, but also any tampering. To deter or prevent fraudulent activity such as identity theft or degree fraud, our secure certificate printing features can help.

Certificate Printing


Protect your business' reputation and revenues with our secure tickets. Featuring unique security inks that can be personalised, we are aware the growing concern amongst all ticket customers. This is why we have developed unrivalled security ink measures for our clients to utilise.

Ticket Printing

Gift Vouchers

Drawing upon our expertise in numerous industries, we are able to provide you with the latest security features available. With our innovative inks that battle counterfeiting and fraud, you're able to provide safe and secure gift vouchers to your customers and staff.

Gift Voucher Printing

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Take a look at common FAQs for Security Inks below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

Which type of ink should I implement into my product?

We have numerous ink variations and it completely depends on what you will need it for. For example, invisible ink is mostly used in things such as money or cheque printing and thermochromic inks are used more in labels or packaging. Our expert team will help you decide which ink you need and what will be the most secure option for your product.

How much are security inks?

Secure inks can vary as there are numerous different types of inks and depending on what the client wants in their product it can vary, such as quantity, size and any additional security features.

How can I get a quote on security inks?

We are more than happy to provide help with any questions you may have, and we can provide you with the relevant information about our printing solutions and security measures. Just get in touch above, or contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Can I see samples of my product?

Yes, as a company we try to show our clients exactly what they’ll be getting, we are able to provide samples of the product, materials, security features and any digital designs prior to printing.

Where can I get security inks printed onto my documents?

The best place to add security features such as inks into your product or documents is through a professional printing company that has the utilities to provide professional security solutions. We have worked with many clients which you can see on our case studies page, providing professional secure printing solutions, so we are a great fit for clients seeking security inks.