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Long Service Award Printing

Long Service Awards

As a company that aims to evolve and be innovative, we are able to provide products such as our long service awards across numerous sectors with implemented elements such as our security features and extras. Throughout our 25 years of excellence, we have accumulated an expert in-house team that can help design your products so your branding shines through, whilst keeping them safe with our security feature technology. With our personalised long service awards, you’re able to build a connection with your employees and show appreciation for loyalty.

Effective Printing of Speciality Products

To show thanks to your peers, colleagues, line managers or friends we offer effective long service awards as part of our specialty products. These can range from a simple thank you card and greetings card to something more bespoke such as a personalised printed wallet containing gift vouchers, gift cards and even e-codes. These codes are able to be printed inside, for the more tech-savvy employees. 

Engage with colleagues and friends and show how you appreciate their work and loyalty with a long service award. It is important to boost work morale and you can do so perfectly, whilst keeping them secure by implementing security features such as QR codes and more.

What are the benefits of Long Service Awards?

Building Loyalty

Show appreciation to your staff, friends and peers with a long service award which in return grants loyalty to your company. Workers like to be recognised for their hard work and dedication, and you can do so with a touch of personalisation so the person receiving the award feels special and appreciated.

Personalised Printing

Personalisation is key, and with our long service awards we have a large range from simple thank you cards and greetings cards to bespoke printed wallets containing vouchers. All of these can be provided with personalised printing containing generic messages to an individual or a fully personalised and dedicated message that can include images, links and QR codes.

Expert In-House Team

Work closely with our expert in-house design team to really bring your long service awards to life by portraying the values of your company and branded to the targeted recipient. We help create something visually appealing so it can stand out from other companies and really resonate with the receiver, making the experience feel a lot more meaningful gesture.

Long Service Awards Security Features

Here at Orion we strive to keep innovating new and technologically advanced ways to provide security to our products and services, and long service awards are included in that. We’re able to implement features such as QR codes and links to videos or personalised messages and images which can be driven from your existing data files in a secure manner.

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Gift Industry

The gifting industry increased 45.2% from the same time last year with shoppers having spent almost £148.5 billion online during the holiday shopping season and the pandemic. This shows that the market is booming and a safer way to provide friends, peers and colleagues with an award or gift that they deserve. Therefore, we work with companies to help them provide excellent and effective long service awards to people who truly deserve them, and provide an experience that helps grow loyalty.

Public Sector

Long service awards have been widely used in the public sector, for generations they recognise long-serving workers within the police force, government and NHS. In recent years more companies have started to utilise long service awards along with bonuses or gifts to show a higher level of appreciation for their staff.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Long Service Awards below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What are the benefits of long service awards?

Long service awards are a way for you to thank employees for fully applying themselves to your business. This can help motivate and engage members of staff, boost morale and promote positivity throughout the workplace. Long service awards are a great way to strengthen relationships and grow loyalty.

What are long service awards?

Long service awards are awards that are handed out to employees for working at a business for a certain amount of time, and really applying themselves to the business.

What can you add along with my long service award?

We’re able to add many things to long service awards, such as gift cards, e-codes, bespoke wallets, QR codes and more.

Can I see samples of your long service awards?

Yes of course, we are able to provide samples for our products and services as we want our customers to get exactly what they desire in an efficient and effective way. Make sure to contact us for further information.

How do I get a quote?

We’re more than happy to help you with any enquiries about our long service awards, and provide you with the relevant information about our printing solutions, just make sure to head over to our Get In Touch section above or contact us.