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Leading Security Print Solutions

Security Printing Features

At Orion, we have prided ourselves on being UK leaders when it comes to unique security features on our products. We’re constantly revolutionising the way we add security features to our certificates, tickets and other secure documents whether they’re physical or digital. We have a vast range of security features such as holograms, foils, inks, papers, numbering, personalisation and more. Our solutions aid in fighting forgery, fraudsters and any counterfeiting on a range of important documents, providing our customers with peace of mind.


Our customers are the forefront of our operation so we’re constantly developing our security printing techniques. As technology advances, so do we, implementing the latest software and specialist designs into our products and your documents so they’re extremely difficult to replicate and easy to identify any attempts to do so.

Innovative Security Printing in the UK

As we celebrate more than 25 years of excellent service and bespoke services, we are proud to have developed such effective security printing features to keep our customers not only satisfied but also safe, as you can see in our testimonials. With our specially trained fulfilment team we are able to support your product from the original brief all the way through to distribution. We are able to utilise our secure software solutions to send out your products and additional add-ons such as tickets, gift cards, certificates or any other document in a reliable, safe and traceable way. Here at Orion we have an impeccable reputation in the security print industry and we are entrusted by major brands to design, produce and distribute their valuable documents. Feel free to take a look at our case studies page if you would like to see some of what we have accomplished so far.

Our Most Popular Bespoke Security Features

Holograms and Foils

Holograms are the single most secure device on documents ranging from tickets to banknotes. We have created holograms for countless blue chips companies, providing the best protection against counterfeiting.  Holograms usually come in two different categories: registered image and wallpaper image. However, there are also other elements that can go into holograms and foils such as fixed colours, concealed images, microtexts and nanotexts, image flps and covert laser readable (CLR) images.

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Providing customers with the highest level of document protection available on the market in one of our principal objectives at Orion, and this is often achieved by using professional security inks. These are just one of the vital components that can be implemented into the production process to keep your products secure. We have developed the necessary skills in utilising specialist inks to deliver secure, high quality and effective products across various sectors.  Our inks can vary depending on the use and they come in different categories such as: thermochromic ink, UV ink, tamper evident, solvent sensitive ink, adhesion promoting varnish and fugitive inks (aqua).

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As material technology has advanced and developed, so has the ability to copy and fraudulently alter documents. Therefore, it has been essential for us to keep one step ahead of the fraudsters to keep our clients safe from such activities.  Most security papers incorporate features that can act to identify or authenticate a document as original such as watermarks or invisible ultraviolet fibres, which are just some of the features we can add into papers. We can also add embedded threads which are only visible when held up to the light, planchettes and tamper evident chemicals.

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Numbering and Personalisation

We have invested in the latest digital print technology to keep your products secure, effective and bring you additional revenue - offering your customers the option to add their personal touch to your products including tickets, gift cards, vouchers and certificates. Adding personalised touches such as a photograph taken from predefined stock photography or a personal library, a personalised message on a greetings card, a company log on a gift card or even e-vouchers with a photograph or short video if your audience is a bit more technologically savvy. With our white-label transactional website, activation and fulfilment services, customised gifting is wrapped up at Orion.

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Secure features, Secure company

We are a secure company that provides innovative security solutions within our products to keep our customers safe from counterfeiting and tampering. We provide a wide range of security features that are able to be customised to suit your products, this range includes:


Bespoke Designs

With the implementation of security features on your product we can not only make them extremely safe but also completely bespoke with designs that connect with consumers and become effective marketing tools. Design is a key element, along with security to create the perfect promotion for your business and a way to connect to consumers, putting your branding into their pockets and boosting consumer loyalty.

Personalised Security

We are able to provide fully personalised products at Orion which includes secure printing features. Whether you need personalised photo identification on your membership cards or a QR code, we’re able to make your product safe and brand related. You will be able to work closely with our expert in-house team to create an effective, safe and personalised product and we can guide you through the process with our professional fulfilment team.


Advanced Security For Fulfilment

Security is a top priority for us, so we not only provide secure solutions within our products but we also practice advanced security within our company to keep our client’s products safe. Our team at Orion are all security checked and our premises are monitored 24/7 every day of the year by CCTV systems and secure access keys. Not only that but we also make sure to undertake numerous checks throughout our fulfilment processes that are regular and also random. Our servers can only be accessed through a firewall by encrypted usernames and passwords. They Use predetermined end-points and are held on a highly secure service in a secure data store. Therefore, your products will be safe with us virtually and physically.



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Most Popular Security Print Products

Gift Cards

At Orion we provide fully personalised gift cards that utilise expert security features. These personalised and secure gift cards are able to be used as part of a strategized campaign to boost your business.

Gift Card Solutions


By utilising holograms, foils and inks on our secure papers we are able to provide secure certificates that combat fraudulent activity. With our secure certificates you're able to provide proper authentication and prevent degree fraud or forgeries.

Certificate Printing

Plastic Cards

We are able to print customised plastic cards that utilise multiple security features such as barcodes, QR codes, scratch off pin codes, signature peels and more. Provide your colleagues and customers with durable plastic loyalty or membership cards today.

Plastic Card Printing

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Take a look at common FAQs for Secure Printing Features below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

Do I get to see samples?

We can provide samples of all of our security features, as well as materials and previous work. We want our clients to have the most secure and effective product as possible, therefore we will go through the best possible security features with you.

What are security features?

Security features are innovated creations you can add to documents to make them safer and avoid any tampering from fraudsters. An example is intricate designs that are only visible through certain lights that are made so people struggle to duplicate the document.

What sort of products can I have security features on?

All of our products are able to have some sort of security features implemented into them. Our paper based documents are able to features such as watermarks, holograms and foils, barcodes, sequential numbering and more. We are also able to personalise documents with photo identification and customer data from your database. Our digital products also come secure with encrypted passwords and numerous features fit for digital software.

How much are security features?

As with most products, it completely depends. Products can have numerous security features implemented onto them and depending on quantity, size and the complexity of the security features, the price changes. Get in touch with us for more information and a quote.