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At Orion Print, we have over 30 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands worldwide to provide secure document printing solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to protect sensitive documents from counterfeiting and fraud. We are experts in keeping digital and physical assets safe, with innovative bespoke security features.

Our security print products are completely bespoke per customer, with our in-house personalisation and fulfilment team making our offering unique. All information is stored on secure servers, ensuring confidential documents are protected within our facility.

Our solutions are designed to prevent forgery, working closely with our clients to offer bespoke security features that safeguard their valuable and confidential products. Our in-house security designers are on hand to provide expert insight, ensuring layers of security that fraudsters can’t replicate.

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Certificate Printing

As part of our security print offering we produce official educational certificates for exam boards across the globe. We also manufacture certificates of authenticity, medical certificates, training certificates, stock certificates and long service awards. Featuring unique holograms, bespoke watermarks, security inks and anti-copying designs, your awards are safe in our hands.

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Ticket Printing

We have decades of experience working with high profile events including the Brit Awards, Glastonbury and Leeds & Reading Festival to produce high quality tickets with an array of security features. Our bespoke ticket printing offering incorporates a wide variety of security features, ensuring ticket holders and event organisers are protected from counterfeiting.

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Specimen bags

We provide specimen bags to medical organisations which are tamper-proof as well as leak-proof with strong adhesive seals. They are fully compliant with UN 3373 regulations, making them secure and beneficial to use in many industries, such as the pharmaceutical or medical industry. Our specimen bags have integrated forms for tracking and monitoring purposes, ensuring samples are always identifiable.

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Plastic card printing

We provide secure plastic cards for banks, restaurant chains, incentive groups, major retailers, sporting clubs, experience providers and online retailers. Our range of card security features include RFID technology, signature peels, scratch-off pin code panels, QR codes and Barcodes, alongside full personalisation to the card holder.

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Local Currency

We've been involved in the production of local currency and novelty notes, including the production of the Exeter Pound. We can design, manufacture and distribute local currencies through our secure production facility based in Derbyshire, UK. With a range of security features, our security designers bring your local currency to life and protect it from fraud.

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Promotional Scratch Cards

We print secure scratch cards for company promotions and marketing campaigns. Our scratch cards are fully customisable and feature a barcode, QR code and/or sequential numbering to identify winning tickets, protecting you from scammers. We can also build software or platforms so you can gather data such as email addresses and phone numbers in order for recipients to claim their prize.

Scratch Card Printing

Security features

From unique sequential numbering to innovative holograms, we are experts at seamlessly integrating security features into your products. With our innovative technology, we can protect both physical and digital assets from fraud.

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Years of providing security print solutions



Our approach to security printing

With over 25 years of unrivalled service and bespoke security solutions, we have developed a wide variety of effective security features. Our expert team has a depth of knowledge across numerous sectors. They are able to help you complete your desired secure product from the initial design through to secure distribution. 

Secure printing with Orion

Security considerations are paramount with us at Orion. We have advanced physical security of our production, storage and fulfilment sites. We have regular yet random checks on all of our employees, and restrictions on areas and products. With constant CCTV monitoring of our location, we also have two separate buildings with their own access keys for disaster recovery purposes. With the lengths we go to to keep our physical products secure, we also keep our technology and digital products just as secure. We do this through the use of our secure servers and encrypted username/passwords through a firewall.

We felt that it was important to offer our customers a quick and easy way to purchase a Pizza Hut gift card or eGift – working with the team at Orion provided a one-stop shop for both physical and digital products and we are already discussing further improvements to the customer experience.

Priten Mistry

Pizza Hut Restaurants UK

We contacted Orion to help with this project as they were able to offer the full package regarding the build of a secure print system and the fact that they were able to manufacture bespoke plastic cards on site.

Chrissie Walker

SDL Graham Penny

For over 10 years now we’ve partnered with Orion for the production of our tickets. Our Account Manager and the in-house artwork team understand the parameters involved when producing something the fans want to keep, whilst safeguarding against counterfeits at the same time. Their experience of working with Marshall Arts as well as the ticket agencies ensures a smooth path and Orion really deliver. Working in conjunction with Orion provides us with an ‘after sales care package’ too – they really go the extra mile.

Ben Martin

Marshall Arts

Partnering with the team at Orion has been one of the best decisions we have made. The level of customer service is only matched by their attention to detail and an ethos of ‘get it right first time’. Orion has reduced our cost to serve by 12% and the time they devote to our registration documents give us the confidence that once it is in Orion’s hands, we have nothing to worry about.

Sean Bailey


Orion has been a valued partner of ours for the past three years and helped assist with some unique print solutions. We have always found them to be extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

Joe Baker

ICOM Works Ltd

Thomas Cook and Orion have built up an amazing relationship over the years. I can’t speak highly enough of the team – they are consummate professionals who go out of their way to deliver a great product and fantastic service.

Sophie Hogan

Thomas Cook Group

Orion has proved an invaluable addition to our dispatch team, looking after the majority of our everyday orders dispatching them and liaising with our fulfilment team. We have always found them to be helpful and fun to work with, and look forward to a long future together as partners in fulfilment.

Caroline Watson

The Gift Card Centre

I can highly recommend Orion Print. Their personable and professional service has been highly efficient at all times – from ticket design to production to delivery – faultless!

Helen Hoban

Silverstone Circuits Limited

Bristol Pound have worked with Orion on a number of occasions and have always been very impressed with customer service and the eventual product. They offer an excellent specialist service for local currency notes and (as one of the biggest complementary schemes in the country) we will continue to use them and recommend them to others.

Owen Davis

Bristol Pound

Personalisation of B2B gift cards is an important point of differentiation that helps M&S for Business stand out from the crowd. By working closely with Orion to leverage the power of the brand we have been able to deliver powerful campaigns for clients.

Warren Humphries

M&S For Business

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Need more information? Take a look at our FAQs for secure printing.

What is security print?

Secure printing is the ability to print documents with security features implemented into the design which combat any counterfeiting or forgery. These features can range from photo identification to more intricate designs such as microtext or holograms.

What are security features?

Security features are certain implementations and designs on your product that help to fight against fraudsters. These can make the product hard to duplicate, secure, personalised and allow viewers to know it is genuine. For example, intricate inks that are only visible through UV lights.

Can I see secure samples?

Yes, we allow samples for our clients. We want you to get the perfect and secure product, and to guide you through the process professionally, this includes showing samples of what is possible when it comes to security features.

How much are secure printing solutions?

Depending on what product you desire, the quantity of the product and the security features implemented into it, the price can vary. Make sure to get in contact with us on more specific pricing.