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Secure, Leak Proof & Customisable

Specimen Bags

As specialist manufacturers of secure specimen bags, we offer printing solutions to many industries and distinguished clients, including medical and pharmaceutical industries. We provide items such as sample bags, which are widely used to securely transfer biological fluid samples between departments and laboratories. Not only are our specimen bags tamper-proof but they also feature a leak-proof adhesive seal and are fully compliant with UN 3373 regulations, making them secure and beneficial to use.



Our specimen bags aren’t just used in the healthcare industry, and are in fact used in various businesses types, such as businesses where large volumes of cash are handled at different locations, which are then sent to a central cash office. An example is cash collected for ticket sales at the entrance to sporting events or cash collected by public transport staff on buses. Our specimen bags contain integrated paper forms to assist the cash office in checking and reconciling the money provided, as details of the total amount submitted can be written on the form with different notes and coin denominations. 


We are also able to include a variety of seals to make access to the samples not only safe but also easy to manage. Our options include a perforated/scored polythene or resealable tape, which allows you to customise your sample bags to suit different departments and uses. Not only that, but we can also add bespoke printing to the specimen bags, to highlight their features and how to use them.


What makes Orion's Specimen Bags secure and medical grade?

Medical Sample Bags With Integrated Labels

Are you part of the medical profession? Well, if so, you know that it is very important that samples can be labelled correctly and tracked to suit each department. That is why our high quality specimen bags are attached to department-specific printed documents which can also include barcode labels. These labels can be peeled out and applied to various elements of the medical industry, such as sample tubes, patient records and critical care documents. The document is unique to each requirement and can incorporate instructions for use, as well as security and authentication features.

Tinted Specimen Bags

At Orion, we have the ability to produce tinted specimen bags for easy distinguishing classification between samples intended for different departments, making the work much easier for employees in the healthcare industry. We are also able to produce tinted specimen bags for easy distinguishment classification between samples that are intended for different departments. This not only reduces the risk of samples becoming lost, but also simplifies the sorting of samples for reception staff, allowing the work to be much more efficient.

Biomaster Solutions

With Orion, you have the ability to upgrade your specimen bags to include the biomaster solution. This solution allows for a more hygienic approach by proactively preventing the growth of bacteria on all the treated surfaces, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Upgrade to biomaster to provide a second line of defence against harmful bacteria, which has been independently tested to conform ISO 22196 standards.

Benefits of our secure specimen bags

We try to make processes as simple as possible, and as such our specimen bags have a lot of benefits, such as:


  • Ensuring that the samples are labelled correctly.
  • Documents do not become separated from the samples.
  • Samples can be tracked and traced through our testing systems.
  • Tinted sample bags are available to make it easy to distinguish between departments.
  • A specialised absorbent material can be added into the bags to help ensure the safety of staff in the event of sample tubes leaking or breaking.
  • The specimen bags themselves are leak-proof, meaning even if the sample tube was to break no fluids would escape the leak-proof specimen bag.

Specimen Bag Security Features

Our specimen bags are not only high quality and versatile, but they’re also very secure. We pride ourselves on our security features across all of our products, and how we have stayed innovative and constantly challenge ourselves to improve new security measures, not only in our products but also in our business. With our specimen bags, we offer various seals, barcodes, biomaster solutions, integrated labels, and more to make them as safe as possible to use.

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With over 32,000 buses in service in the UK, there is a demand for reliable, high quality and safe specimen bags to control and contain the money. Especially after COVID-19, keeping money clean and safe on public transport is a must, therefore by utilising our high quality specimen bags that are able to be altered to any industry’s taste, you can keep the money on public transport safe and secure.


With the pharmaceutical industry growing constantly, our specimen bags become more in demand as they are perfect for the for the transportation of sensitive and biological samples. At Orion, we can help the efficiency, safety and organisation of your business with our specimen bags, where you can work with our in-house experts to create bespoke solutions including top quality security measures to create your most ideal specimen bag.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Specimen Bags below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What is a specimen bag for?

Specimen bags are used by many medical and healthcare facilities to transport and hold specimens for their labs. These bags have other common names too, such as lip-and-tape specimen bags, biohazard specimen bags and lab specimen transport bags. They can also be used in other industries, such as the transport industry to handle and contain money.

How do you seal a specimen bag?

1. Lay the bag flat on the counter with the tape side up and the tape end towards you.
2. Place the specimen at the bottom of the bag, whilst flattening the area above the specimen before folding the tape over.
3. Remove the paper covering adhesive. Place your thumbs under the bag ends with your middle fingers lightly holding the adhesive at the middle of the bag, below the slit opening.
4. Fold the top over the bag at the slit opening while your thumbs press the folded end of the bag.
5. With both middle fingers, press the adhesive together, starting at the centre of the fold and work outward. Make sure to firmly press the entire adhesive area, so there are no open edges and they’re all stuck down.

Where can I get specimen bags?

The best place to order specimen bags is from a professional company so you can make sure they’re secure, especially if you’re working in the medical or pharmaceutical industry. If you’re looking for bespoke specimen bags, we are the perfect fit, not only are we industry leaders in providing the perfect printing solutions catered to our clients business needs, but we make sure all of our products contain excellent security features.

How much are specimen bags?

Specimen bags can cost differently depending on numerous factors, such as the quantity, any add-ons such as biomaster solutions and any customised features. The best way to get a quote is to use our Get In Touch section above or contact us today, so we can get more specific information on your needs.

Do I get to see samples?

Of course! Samples are available with all of our products, here at Orion we are able to provide various samples such as the materials, security features and any digital designs that are prior to printing or finishing them. Doing so ensures you get the product that is ideal for not only you but your business too.