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Secure and Authentic Certification Printing

Professional Certificates of Authenticity Printing

Here at Orion Security Print, we take pride in giving your artworks, limited editions, collectibles, documents and more that extra touch of authenticity they deserve. These certificates are more than just a document, they are a testament to the quality, heritage, authenticity and trust that define the item. We invite you to explore how our dedication and expertise can enhance the value of your investments and instill a profound sense of assurance in the authenticity of your valuable items.


With over 30 years of experience, we are one of the UK’s leading secure printing companies that can provide you with effective, secure and high quality certificates of authentication. We have provided certificates for many sectors and clients, protecting their prized possessions. Here at Orion Security Print, we priotise security with our products, which is why we are able to make sure our certificates are made with innovative security features to protect our clients brand, provide peace of mind and provide legal support.

Crafting Trust with Our In-House Design Experts


At Orion Security Print, our commitment to authenticity goes hand in hand with ensuring the utmost security for your valuable items. Our expert in-house team at Orion Security Print is dedicated to creating certificates of authenticity that not only include the mark of quality but are also fortified with innovative and advanced security features. 


We understand the importance of safeguarding your investments and items, and that is why we employ cutting-edge security features such as holographic seals, intricate watermarks, and tamper-evident technologies in our designs. This helps to combat forgery and counterfeiting, allowing you peace of mind and provenance verification.


These security features not only protect your items from counterfeit attempts and fraudulent activities but also add an extra layer of assurance regarding the authenticity of your collectibles, artworks, and documents. With Orion Security Print, your valuable possessions are not just certified; they’re fortified with trust.

Why choose Orion to create your certificates of authenticity?

Expertise and Security

Our in-house team of experts have unmatched skills and are dedicated to safeguarding your valuable items with advanced security features built into the certification. With our expertise, you can trust that your certificates will not only attest to the authenticity of your items but also provide peace of mind that comes with robust security.

Bespoke and Branded

We are able to create bespoke and branded certificates of authenticity that reflect the unique identity of you and your items. We understand that personalisation is important, and our team excels in providing the right certificate to align seamlessly with your requirements.

Commitment to Quality

When you choose us for your certificates of authenticity, you’re choosing a commitment to quality. We handle every detail with care, providing you with the utmost confidence in the authenticity and quality of your treasured possessions. Our certificates meet the highest of standards, to provide the security you need.

Certificates of Authenticity Security Features

The security features we provide at Orion Security Print ensure your certificates of authenticity have the utmost protection to provide secure authentication of your valued items. Hologramphs, watermarks, tamper-evident features, special inks, micro text, foils and more are able to be implemented into your certificate with our cutting-edge technology.


These elements don’t just deter counterfeiters and fraud; they also boost your trust in the authenticity of your items. Our dedication to security goes above and beyond to ensure that your certificates aren’t just proof of the real deal; they offer peace of mind while safeguarding the value, history, and security of your items.

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Arts and Collectibles

In the world of art and collectibles, Certificates of Authenticity are essential. They establish the legitimacy of an artwork or object, helping both buyers and sellers identify valuable and genuine pieces. These certificates provide clear evidence of an item’s authenticity and history, ensuring trust and aiding in understanding the true worth of each piece. They’re not just pieces of paper; they’re the keys to navigating the art and collectibles market with confidence.

Luxury goods and Fashion

In the luxury fashion industry, top brands often include Certificates of Authenticity with their products. These certificates reassure buyers that they are getting genuine, high-quality items, be it designer clothing, luxurious handbags, or fine accessories. They’re more than just paper; they’re a badge of trust, signifying real craftsmanship and exclusivity. They also help brands protect their reputation and deter counterfeits, which can be a problem within this sector.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Certificate Printing below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is an official document that confirms an item’s genuineness and its source. It offers significant details about the item’s historical context, legitimacy, and its origin.

Why do I need a certificate of authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity is essential for verifying the authenticity and worth of your item. It not only enhances the trust of potential buyers but also has the potential to significantly impact the item’s market value.

What information should a certificate of authenticity include?

A certificate of authenticity should have details included such as the title, artist or creator, date of creation, a description, and any unique identifiers. It should also have the issuer’s signature or authentication mark.

How do I know if a certificate of authenticity is genuine?

In order to guarantee authenticity, the certificates will incorporate security elements like watermarks, holograms, security-grade paper, microtext, and other measures.

Are certificates of authenticity legally binding documents?

No, they are usually just used as evidence of authenticity. They do help support claims of authenticity within legal matters.