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Holograms and Foils

Holograms are holographic security elements consisting of nanostructures that refract light in a certain way. Their unique optical properties to diffract light can create 2D and 3D shapes, with 2D it is a flat fixed image that changes colour when moved in the light. Whereas 3D has depth that gives the appearance of different layers within the design, which a photocopier cannot manipulate or copy. You can also get a mixture of both, or Dot Matrix, which is similar to 2D but with more complex detail such as microtext. Holograms are also usually a registered image or a wallpaper image.

With a registered image, it will be the same fixed image where the logo or picture appears on every hologram. This type is usually a bespoke design specific to the client for their company documents. Companies familiar with this will usually have their own “house” design of registered holograms available to security printers, such as ourselves, for use as a generic hologram on any secure documents. Most wallpaper images will be a continued image that is repeated to form a pattern, like wallpaper. These can have bespoke shapes stamped out of them which makes it a versatile option to fight fraud.

Foils, whether they are on their own or a holographic foil usually feature metallic shiny colours to fight forgeries and counterfeiting due to the copies not being able to replicate the metallic properties and coming out as black images. Bespoke fioled shapes are produced from heated metal dies that are pressed onto the roll of foil which is laid onto the paper surface, which bonds the metallic foil to the paper surface. Foils can be engraved or chemically etched with intricate patterns to add an extra layer of security.

The UK’s Leading Printing Provider Utilising Secure Holograms and Foils

Orion’s involvement with holograms and foils dates back to the late 1980’s when our expert team were the first to successfully apply a metallised hologram to paper tickets for Wembley Stadium. Holograms and foils in printing have become a very important asset to enhance security and is one of the security printing solutions we supply at Orion. Security is one of our top concerns when it comes to printing for our clients, and we always aim to fight the fraudulent behaviour of forgery, tampering or counterfeiting of your paper documents.

How utilising Holograms and Foils can keep your products secure

Concealed Images

Within the holograms or holographic foils, concealed or “latent” images can be added in that can only be seen at specific angles and provide an excellent discreet check of authenticity. This adds an extra layer of security to your papers and prevents counterfeiting as it is very hard to replicate.

Microtexts and Nanotexts

Certain holograms and holographic foils such as dot matrix holograms are capable of embedding microtext t sizes from 50-150 microns. Text smaller than this is referred to as Nanotext and can only be observed with a microscope, thus making it the perfect security feature to add into your holograms and foils as it is extremely difficult to replicate.

Metallic and fixed colours

Foils and holographic foils can come in metallic colour and fixed colours. Metallic colours are produced from heated metal dies that are stamped onto the roll of foil which is laid onto the paper surface, activating a hot-melt glue which bonds the metallic (aluminium) foil to the paper. Because it is metallic, it is extremely hard to replicate and impossible with a standard printer. It is also now possible to have fixed colour within a design which allows corporate colours to be retained no matter which angle the hologram is viewed at, whilst the rest of the image changes through the rainbow colour spectrum normally associated with holograms.

Holograms and Foils Security Features

Here at Orion we challenge ourselves to constantly evolve our security measures, whether it is security features or secure procedures within our business. As we are at the cutting edge of bespoke printing solutions, we are proud to offer our hologram and foils as part of many security features for your documents and papers. Holograms and foils are perfect for combating fraudulent activity such as counterfeiting. They contain elements such as registered images, wallpaper images, fixed colours, concealed images, microtexts and nanotexts, image flips, CLR Images and more.

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Hologram and Foil Products

Event Tickets

The events industry is a giant within the UK, and with our professional holograms and foils, you're able to provide a safe environment for your event. Combat fraudulent activities and counterfeit tickets, so your event runs smoothly.

Event Ticket Printing


Certificates are made to provide authenticity, so security features are vital. With holograms and foils, you're able to authenticate certificates which can avoid degree forgery and other fraudulent activities.

Certificate Printing


It is important to keep tickets counterfeit free to prevent counterfeiting which can harm businesses. With holograms and foils, it makes it harder for fraudsters to copy the designs as it requires high end equipment and in some cases, intricate and personalised design.

Ticket Printing

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Take a look at common FAQs for Holograms and Foils below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

Why should I use holograms and foils in my product?

Holographic foils can add value to any product, as well as safety. Hot stamping these onto your papers can add elements to your product that makes it extremely difficult for fraudsters to replicate and counterfeit. This will allow your product to be very secure and a lot more professional, especially if you have your branding incorporated into the colours or images.

How much is it to have holograms and foils?

Our prices always vary depending on numerous factors, such as size, quantity, which security features you’d like, and more. The best way to get an accurate quote is to get in touch with us as we’re happy to help!

Can I see samples?

Samples are available, and we are able to send samples of materials, security features and any digital versions of designs prior to printing them. This can ensure you get what you desire and that the product you want is perfect for purpose.

What sort of products can I have holograms and foils on?

There are many products that can have holograms and foils depending on what you need them for and your industry. These can vary from certificates, permits, tickets and more. If you want to know more specific information about the type of document you’re after, feel free to get in touch.

How do I make holograms and foils?

In order to make holograms and foils it is best to go through a professional company due to the machinery involved that is needed, such as the hot pressing. It is also best to go through a company since the security measures added to it are very hard to do from home. We have an expert team that is capable of providing what you need and we can work with you to customise your product to what you need.

Can I have printing on both sides when using holograms and foils in my documents?

Yes, most of the time we are able to print on both sides of your product. We are able to do various designs and security measures. Our expert in-house team will help you produce a perfect and secure product, and they will guide you through what is possible with holograms and foils.