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Secure Printing Solutions for Plastic Cards

Plastic Card Printing

As one of the UK’s leading plastic card printing providers, we offer a variety of products within our plastic card range such as membership cards and loyalty cards, as well as digital versions. We do so whilst providing unrivalled security measures not only in our cards but also in our warehouses with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and regular checks. We’ve worked with banks, restaurant chains, incentive groups, major retailers, sporting clubs, experience providers as well as online retailers. We continue to grow and challenge ourselves to add new, secure and innovative features to our cards.

Professional Plastic Card Printing Solutions 


We are able to print customised plastic membership cards and loyalty cards in our tailor-made card production facility to support a variety of sectors. We use high quality plastic, and have the ability to print various sizes in different materials to best suit your printing needs and make us the top choice for you. No matter if it is a durable plastic loyalty card for your retail store, a membership card for a library or even a digital programme fulfilment as a service, we’re able to create unmatched work for you.

At Orion we are proud to have such an expert in-house team that can guide you every step of the way through your process, as our cards can be personalised with name, company logo and more specific information, our team can help tailor it to your brand identity. With the ability to offer bespoke features that contain many capabilities for printing such as 2D barcodes, QR codes, security scratch off pin code panels, signature peels, various finishes and more, you have the ability to make the cards not only original but also secure. We have worked with an abundance of customers to create excellent cards, and you can visit our testimonials and case studies page to see for yourself.

Why choose plastic card printing for your business?

Membership Cards

No matter if it's a sporting club, a bank, a gym or a library, we are able to provide an excellent service with bespoke designs and secure measures to create a personalised and effective plastic membership card for your company. With the ability to produce these in smaller volumes you have the chance to change designs if needed and they can fit your storage capabilities. We’re able to completely make the card your own and fit your brand identity with your logo, name, matt or gloss finishes, and various security features to make it safe and original. We also ensure that all of our plastic membership cards are secure, sleek and heavy-duty.

Membership Card Printing

Loyalty Cards

Our loyalty cards are a great way to help encourage consumer retention and increase your sales, no matter the industry and allowing you to segment between unprofitable and profitable consumers. Our loyalty cards can be printed with various bespoke features to suit your needs and provide a personalised and secure card. These cards can be great for retail stores, restaurants and the transport industry to maintain a close loyal customer base as it's cheaper to do so than gain new consumers. Our plastic loyalty cards are the perfect solution to build and retain your customer base.

Loyalty Card Printing

Gift Cards

Our plastic gift cards are a more traditional solution to retail purchasing. Some people prefer to have a physical card to gift someone, rather than a digital solution. Our in-house designers can make eye-catching designs to suit your brand and the gift cards purpose, as well as adding on bespoke security features to protect you from fraud. We also offer paper or card gift vouchers, and all our gifting solutions can be fulfilled at our secure unit and sent directly to your customers.

Gift Card Solutions

Plastic Card Security Features

We are able to provide excellent security features on all of our plastic cards to make sure they avoid fraud and counterfeiting to allow the safest options available. From scratch off pin code panels to QR codes, we are able to implement multiple security features on our plastic cards.

At the cutting edge of bespoke printing solutions we not only provide security features on the cards but we also make sure to take advanced security measures within our company. We have secure fulfilment solutions including regular premise checks, 24/7 CCTV with multiple monitoring measures to make sure areas are restricted to certain personnel. We also have two separate buildings in case of any disasters, so you can feel safe and confident when choosing a leading printing company like ourselves in the UK.

View more security print features

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Retail Industry

It is vital that your retail business has some cards whether it is a loyalty card or a membership card, as it’ll help you stand out from competitors and gain consumer loyalty. There are over 300,000 businesses in the UK alone, so maintaining a loyal customer base is trickier than ever, but with an effective, safe and personalised loyalty card you can build relationships with your consumers. These cards can be cost effective, and you’re able to customise them with our expert in-house team to provide you with a competitive edge at low effort. At Orion we’re able to provide secure and bespoke designs that allow your branding and business to reach further with our custom designed plastic cards, expanding your influence. We’re also able to provide digital options, as online sales have risen three fold in the last 10 years, this can be quite an effective way to reach a larger audience quickly.

Public Service

With over 5.6 million employees, the public sector is a giant in the UK. One of the main cards we work with in this industry are library membership cards, which are a high quality plastic that are printed to the same standard as our plastic gift cards and loyalty cards. You’re able to customise these cards to fit your business and brand, whilst offering customers personalised details and printed information, whilst being laminated on both sides to stop ink rubbing off or deteriorating. At Orion, we can offer various sizes and safety features to your public service plastic cards, from a credit card size to a key-fob combination for a more user-friendly version.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Plastic Card Printing below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What is the difference between membership cards and loyalty cards?

Loyalty cards are issued by the company – usually a retailer – as part of a consumer incentive scheme. These usually offer discounts and bonuses, gaining consumer loyalty and allowing your brand to reach further into people’s pockets. A membership card is more about identifying someone’s membership of a club, society or other organisation for a given period.

Where can I print plastic cards?

For the best outcome if you’re wanting sturdy, plastic cards at a professional level, it is best to use an established printing company such as ourselves for the best results. It can also help your brand working with a team like ours to design not only an effective and attractive card, but also a safe one to prevent fraud and in the long run save you money.

How much is it to get plastic cards printed?

The pricing of plastic cards will always vary depending on many factors such as the type of card, quantity, size, materials used and features added onto it. If you would like further information on more specific pricing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote.

Do I have to design the plastic cards?

We are proud to have accumulated such an expert in-house team that’ll help you design the plastic cards with us, to provide you with the best possible outcome for your business. We will make sure your cards are on-brand, secure and up to date.

Can I use images found on the internet on my plastic cards?

Any imagery or logos used will need to be checked to make sure they are copyright free or you have the right to use them on your plastic card.