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About Us

The team at Orion are celebrating more than 25 years of excellence, providing bespoke services in relation to secure print, fulfilment, web and digital solutions.

We are proud to have developed, built and manage an E-gift and physical solution to transact with 1.7 million customers annually for a major high street bank.

We also developed, built and manage a transactional website on behalf of a leading cinema chain, where over 300,000 of their customers annually are able to customise not just a greetings card but also a gift card – either physical or digital.

With the intelligence to enable the daily placing and tracking of orders for re-loadable gift cards and physical vouchers as well as managing transactional websites for the online purchase and distribution of travel tickets, Orion have the solution regardless of your market sector or routes to market.

Orion have been transacting on behalf of our clients since 2012 in our largest market which is transport.

It is our service, quality and style that make us different, with every product, design feature, brief and solution expertly tailored to suit our customers’ requirements.

Security considerations are always paramount. The advanced physical security of our production, storage and fulfilment site is key to ensuring that our clients’ stock is safe in our hands. Each member of the team is security checked prior to being formally offered employment. All employees are given secure access keys which are restricted according to their role and their movements are monitored throughout. For the purposes of disaster recovery, our facility is split across 2 separate buildings, each with their own access keys. ‘Air lock’ style gates outside of each building ensure that goods being delivered or collected by our rosta of approved couriers remain secure, as well as the personnel involved in providing the service. This is all backed up by 24/7/365 CCTV monitoring.

With the advancement of technology and digital delivery of monetary products, we have ensured that the ‘virtual’ products we hold on behalf of our clients are subject to the same security levels. All ecodes are held on a secure server, in a secure data store. Our servers can only be accessed by encrypted username/ password based access through a firewall, using pre-determined end-points and are covered by our ‘Cyber’ insurance policy. Mandatory use of encryption in any transfers or storage of sensitive data offers our clients an extra level of security and assurance.

Further accreditations include:

  • Compliant with Quality Standards approved by Mastercard, Barclaycard, Government Agencies and all major UK financial Institutions

Scalability (based on 2015 statistics):

  • Our servers – 99.9% uptime with downtime being for planned maintenance only
  • 130 million secure documents produced – just 50% of current capacity
  • Over 3 million secure packages dispatched – just 50% of current capacity
  • Over 150,000 secure digital e-codes delivered for 1 client – just 10% of current capacity

Our insurances include Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Cyber Insurance, Personal Liability Cover, Materials Replacement Cover of damaged stock and Face Value Liability Cover of fulfilment personnel against potential internal theft up to £1,000,000.

In both production and fulfilment we undertake our own detailed internal audits in addition to our clients performing their own, either monthly or annually. Our bespoke stock control and analysis system, OSCA II, pre-allocates serial numbers for both physical and digital products based on pre-populated number files from stock received. Each order we handle on behalf of our clients is checked at 3 points during the fulfilment process, each time by a different member of the team. OSCA II offers a complete range of standard reports including daily dispatches, stock requisitions, levels & forecasts, expiry dates, exceptions, back orders and SLAs. Clients benefit from real-time secure access to their own stock and orders plus bespoke reporting is available if required.

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