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Here at Orion Print, we have over 30 years of experience within the retail sector, providing bespoke services to many businesses, including a developed, built and manage a transactional website on behalf of a leading cinema chain, where over 300,000 of their customers annually are able to customise not just a greetings card but also a gift card – either physical or digital.


We specialise in crafting print solutions tailored to provide security for your retail operations against threats, ensuring the integrity of your products and the trust your customers require. From secure transactional websites to legitimate certificates of authentication, our products are designed to not only keep your business secure but also provide trust to your customers to help build loyalty and authenticity.

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Membership Cards

For sports clubs, banks, gyms, or libraries, we provide bespoke, secure plastic membership cards. Our flexible production allows for design changes and storage convenience. Personalise your cards with your logo, name, finishes, and security features. Rest assured, they're stylish, durable, and secure, reflecting your brand with every swipe.

Membership Cards

Loyalty Cards

Our loyalty cards boost consumer retention and sales in the retail industry, helping you distinguish between profitable and unprofitable customers. Customisable features ensure a personalised and secure card, perfect for the retail sector. Building a loyal customer base is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers, making our loyalty cards the perfect solution to nurture and grow your clientele.

Loyalty Card Printing

Transactional Websites

A transactional website handles financial transactions, often serving as an online store for retail businesses. At Orion, we specialise in creating and hosting such websites, seamlessly integrating with your e-commerce platform. We prioritise your brand's integrity and the customer journey, ensuring a smooth experience.

Transactional Websites


Orion is one the UK’s leading secure printing companies that provide gift vouchers, as well as e-codes and e-vouchers. Leading loyalty program providers, brick-and-mortar stores, banks, and international e-commerce merchants are among our e-voucher clients. They rely on us to create, store, and distribute e-codes on their behalf. We've partnered with top UK brands for years, offering comprehensive gift card and voucher solutions. Whether it's high street gift cards, loyalty programs, or employee benefits, we've got you covered. Your product's value is safeguarded by our advanced security features in our secure facility.

Gift Voucher Printing

Gift Cards

With 30 years of expertise, we offer high quality, personalised gift card solutions for your business. Our cards are secure, bespoke, and printed to industry standards using high-quality materials. Personalisation and branding are key, and our in-house design team ensures full customisation. Our 'OSCA II' self-service portal simplifies activation and reloading for corporate buyers, enhancing service and reducing costs for you and your recipients.

Gift Card Solutions

Certificates of Authenticity

At Orion Print, we're dedicated to adding authenticity to your artworks, collectibles, and documents. Our certificates go beyond paper – they signify quality, heritage, and trust. Experience how our expertise can elevate the value of your investments and provide peace of mind about their authenticity.

Certificates of Authenticity

Strut Cards

Strut cards, table talkers, and tent cards are versatile advertising tools that grab attention and convey messages effectively. Widely used in retail, these free-standing cards leave a lasting impression. At Orion Print, we offer customisable solutions tailored to your needs, enhancing customer experience and making your message stand out with our high-quality strut cards.


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Why choose Orion Print for your retail business?


Orion Print offers unmatched expertise and a commitment to enhancing your retail experience, drawing on over 30 years of specialised experience in retail solutions. We are able to offer a wide range of secure and effective solutions to the retail sector, from customised and secure gift cards and loyalty cards to excellent strut card marketing materials.


What sets us apart is our emphasis on quality, security, and personalisation. With our fully adaptable solutions, cutting-edge security features, and careful attention to detail, you can be sure that every facet of your retail business—from loyalty-boosting membership cards to safe transactional websites—is in the right hands. For dependable, outstanding retail solutions that go above and above and leave a lasting impact on your clients, rely on Orion Print.

Secure printing with Orion

Security considerations are paramount with us at Orion. We have advanced physical security of our production, storage and fulfilment sites. We have regular yet random checks on all of our employees, and restrictions on areas and products. With constant CCTV monitoring of our location, we also have two separate buildings with their own access keys for disaster recovery purposes. With the lengths we go to to keep our physical products secure, we also keep our technology and digital products just as secure. We do this through the use of our secure servers and encrypted username/passwords through a firewall.

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We felt that it was important to offer our customers a quick and easy way to purchase a Pizza Hut gift card or eGift – working with the team at Orion provided a one-stop shop for both physical and digital products and we are already discussing further improvements to the customer experience.

Priten Mistry

Pizza Hut Restaurants UK

We contacted Orion to help with this project as they were able to offer the full package regarding the build of a secure print system and the fact that they were able to manufacture bespoke plastic cards on site.

Chrissie Walker

SDL Graham Penny

For over 10 years now we’ve partnered with Orion for the production of our tickets. Our Account Manager and the in-house artwork team understand the parameters involved when producing something the fans want to keep, whilst safeguarding against counterfeits at the same time. Their experience of working with Marshall Arts as well as the ticket agencies ensures a smooth path and Orion really deliver. Working in conjunction with Orion provides us with an ‘after sales care package’ too – they really go the extra mile.

Ben Martin

Marshall Arts

Partnering with the team at Orion has been one of the best decisions we have made. The level of customer service is only matched by their attention to detail and an ethos of ‘get it right first time’. Orion has reduced our cost to serve by 12% and the time they devote to our registration documents give us the confidence that once it is in Orion’s hands, we have nothing to worry about.

Sean Bailey


Orion has been a valued partner of ours for the past three years and helped assist with some unique print solutions. We have always found them to be extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

Joe Baker

ICOM Works Ltd

Thomas Cook and Orion have built up an amazing relationship over the years. I can’t speak highly enough of the team – they are consummate professionals who go out of their way to deliver a great product and fantastic service.

Sophie Hogan

Thomas Cook Group

Orion has proved an invaluable addition to our dispatch team, looking after the majority of our everyday orders dispatching them and liaising with our fulfilment team. We have always found them to be helpful and fun to work with, and look forward to a long future together as partners in fulfilment.

Caroline Watson

The Gift Card Centre

I can highly recommend Orion Print. Their personable and professional service has been highly efficient at all times – from ticket design to production to delivery – faultless!

Helen Hoban

Silverstone Circuits Limited

Bristol Pound have worked with Orion on a number of occasions and have always been very impressed with customer service and the eventual product. They offer an excellent specialist service for local currency notes and (as one of the biggest complementary schemes in the country) we will continue to use them and recommend them to others.

Owen Davis

Bristol Pound

Personalisation of B2B gift cards is an important point of differentiation that helps M&S for Business stand out from the crowd. By working closely with Orion to leverage the power of the brand we have been able to deliver powerful campaigns for clients.

Warren Humphries

M&S For Business

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