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Leading Providers of Security Features


Keeping your papers safe with our innovative and effective security measures is the key to success in any event or company. The base of any secure documents is the material and foundation on which they are products, as well as the controls surrounding its availability. Here at Orion we have made sure to incorporate features that can act to identify or authenticate your papers as original and real through the use of our expert security features.

Secure and Professional Paper Printing in the UK


As one of the most versatile and wanted products which is used in nearly every industry, our papers are made with the utmost quality and we have integrated security measures that we have worked on over the past 25 years. As one of the UK’s leading providers for printing services, we are always looking to make our products the best in the market with innovative ways to grow and add new features to keep our products secure and effective as you can see on our case studies page. We work with all sorts of industries from retail, food, events and many more. Orion is proud of always providing excellent service to our customers, which is proven in our testimonials.  

How can our papers boost the security of your documents?


First introduced in Fabriano, Italy, in 1282, the watermark has become one of the most prevalent ways to keep papers authentic and secure, which is why we had to implement such a feature into our own products. Watermarks have revolutionised over the years with the advancement of new technologies, being able to prevent tampering, counterfeiting or duplicating sensitive and valuable documents.

Invisible Fibres

To fight fraudulent behaviour or any tampering with your papers, we are able to use invisible fibres in paper. Invisible fibres are one of our special security paper measures and can have instinctive characteristics such as thickness, length, colour, UV activity depending on our client’s demand. The diversity of the fibres make custom paper specific to that client which will discourage counterfeiting.


Planchettes are very small circular discs that are sometimes micro-engraves into the paper with images. These are available in several lengths and colours and they are mixed into the pulp which means they are randomly placed on the paper, providing a unique and hard to counterfeit element. Similar to invisible fibres, they show differently under UV light and can be reactive depending on the client’s choice.

Paper Security Features

As an innovative company we push ourselves to excel in security measures for all of our products. Our expert team is able to work closely with our clients to create the most secure, personalised and professional product that fits the client’s needs. We are able to incorporate watermarks, invisible fibres, planchettes, barcodes, sequential numbers, QR codes and more. For full information, make sure to visit our security features page.

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Entertainment Industry

As an industry giant expected to grow over 5% between 2021 and 2025 and reach nearly £88billion, this industry is the perfect example of who needs to make use of secure papers. A big part of the entertainment industry secure printing is tickets, and for our clients to keep their events secure, not over populated and avoid losing money from counterfeiting, it is important to utilise our security features. With events being part of the entertainment industry and the UK events industry being worth over £39bn according to the new Events are GREAT Britain report from BVEP, we have aimed to work with many events ourselves. We have worked directly with stadiums, arenas, event hosts, organising bodies and major clients such as The Brits, Leeds & Reading Festival, Glastonbury and more.


The education industry is not only very important but also huge, with an estimated revenue of over £43bn in 2020, and continuing to grow since. As a lot of students gain certificates, it is important that they are counterfeit free and have security measures on the paper, such as our innovative features like watermarks, invisible fibres, foils and more.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Papers below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What security features do you print on your papers?

We continue to grow and innovate new security features for all of our products, not just our papers. We tend to use watermarks, foils, planchettes, invisible fibres and more. If you’d like to look more into our secure elements we can add onto our products, make sure to check out our security features page.

Can I see samples of my product?

Of course you can. We are able to send various samples, such as security features, materials and any digital versions of designs prior to printing them out for you. This will ensure our clients get the most out of their desired product and that it is fit for purpose.

How much do the papers cost?

Our prices always differentiate depending on various factors, such as quantity, materials used, security features and more. Make sure to get in touch with us for more information on a quote.

How do I make my papers counterfeit free?

To make sure your papers avoid any fraudulent activity and counterfeiting, it is best to go through a professional company such as ourselves where you are guaranteed professional security features.

Can I have my papers printed on both sides?

Yes, in most cases we are able to print double sided. We have an excellent team that can help guide you through the process and create the best product for you, keeping it safe and effective.