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Event Marketing: Using Drinks Vouchers

3 July 2024

What is a drinks voucher?

A drinks voucher is a high-quality printed voucher that is typically used in events, festivals, hospitality or marketing materials to entice the recipient to use it to order a drink. These vouchers offer a free or sometimes discounted drink at the participating events or venue, and can be redeemed at the bar. They are a very popular tool used in marketing as they are great at boosting attendance and foot traffic, as well as providing a much more positive customer or guest experience.


The benefits of using drinks vouchers for events

6 benefits of drinks vouchers for events


How to use drinks vouchers for events

When it comes to event marketing, there are many ways to utilise drinks vouchers and your strategies, and there are many ways to improve your vouchers to get the most out of them, so here are a list of ways to use and improve them:

Tracking system

It can be a good idea to employ some kind of tracking system to keep track of the drink voucher redemptions when using them in your event marketing. This can help prevent fraud and is an excellent way to record the campaign’s success in data.

Eye-catching designs

Make sure you have high-quality and eye-catching designs when it comes to your drink vouchers, this will gain the focus of users and help your branding catch their attention. This can help with brand exposure, brand awareness and provide a cohesive experience for your customers.

Clear instructions

When creating your vouchers, it is important to make sure that the instructions on them are very clear, so the users are able to understand them and redeem them easily. Provide the voucher’s validity term, any restrictions or limits, and the locations and methods of usage.


You will need to distribute your vouchers in the best way possible, this could be virtually through an email campaign, through your app, at the event entrance or any promotions handed out prior to the event. By doing this, you are able to choose the most effective channel for your audience, depending on their characteristics such as age, and what will work best for them.


Measuring the impact of drinks vouchers

When assessing the effectiveness of your drink voucher promotion, there are a few key factors to consider. To begin with, an important gauge is the redemption rate, which compares the amount of vouchers provided with those that are actually redeemed. A high redemption rate is a sign that people enjoyed using the vouchers and that they increased attendance.  The effectiveness of the campaign may also be determined by contrasting the total amount of beverages sold during the event with sales from prior events that did not use vouchers. The incentive offered by the vouchers is frequently responsible for a rise in sales, demonstrating how well they work to raise income.

Another useful metric is the feedback from attendees. Participant feedback on their use of the vouchers can be gathered to confirm the campaign’s success and provide ideas for future developments. Positive comments highlight how beneficial the coupons are for improving the attendance experience. Monitoring social media activity is also important. By monitoring mentions and interactions relevant to the vouchers on social media, you may expand the campaign’s audience and increase attendance by encouraging word-of-mouth advertising. It’s also a good idea to carry out a thorough ROI analysis. To make sure the campaign is both successful and profitable, this entails weighing the expenses associated with creating and distributing vouchers against the money made from higher attendance and sales.


5 Tips and tricks on using drinks vouchers for events

1 Promotions: when you are creating your vouchers, it could be a good idea to tie in promotions such as collaborations or sponsors, this could make it a much more cost-effective approach and boost your exposure.

2 Limitations: it is important to be very clear on your limitations, such as expiry dates, so there is no confusion with your customers. This can avoid any negative situations and set a clear time frame for your event marketing campaign to measure it easily.

3 Exclusive offers: by using your drinks vouchers with exclusive offers, such as only being able to try your new range of drinks with them, you are allowing your customers to feel exclusive, involved and providing them with an exciting customer experience.

4 Channels: utilise your channels, if your brand has a popular online presence or you have a popular app, send your vouchers out through these channels to make them reach the right audience in a much more effective and efficient way.

5 Pre-event promotions: it can be a good idea to include these vouchers in promotions that are sent before the event, which can build more interest and hype around your event. This can also be used to incentivise event ticket sales.



Drinks vouchers are an effective strategy for event marketing, providing advantages like higher brand exposure, improved guest experiences, and higher attendance. Make the most of these vouchers by emphasising well-designed layouts, clear instructions, and thoughtful distribution. To evaluate their success and gather information for upcoming events, compare sales, redemption rates, and participant feedback. Use collaborations with sponsors, pre-event promotions, and unique deals to increase their attractiveness. Drinks coupons, when used wisely, can draw a larger crowd and make the event more interesting and memorable.