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Personalisation is a powerful tool in many areas, and especially in marketing. It can create a bond between the company and consumer, building brand loyalty between the two. The sense of exclusivity and feeling special is why personalisation is the key to thriving in places such as the gift market. As a company you will make your brand more appealing to shoppers looking to mark special occasions which then creates a bond between your company and the consumers. By building such bonds, personalisation can become an investment that pays for itself and provides consumer insights.

UK Based Personalised Printing Solutions


At Orion we are an innovative company with over 25 years of experience that always pushes to be on the cutting edge of technology and printing solutions. We invest in the latest digital print technology to implement a personal touch to your products, such as gift cards. Boost brand relationships with your consumers and gain brand loyalty with our various ways of customising your products to support your campaign and brand identity. We have worked with numerous happy clients as you can see on our testimonials page, and created effective personalised products.

The benefits of personalisation in your products

Advanced personalised printing software

Here at Orion we are able to provide fully customisable and personalised printing options that can be altered to suit our customer’s needs. We have accumulated a team of specialists that will fully take care of you and your products, providing insight and samples along the way. We are able to offer whole services from gift card printing with personalisation to fulfilment of these cards, sending them out to your customers as part of a strategized campaign.

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Personalised gift cards

As mentioned above, we are able to provide fully personalised gift cards as part of a strategized campaign. With our personalised printing solutions, we are able to add elements of personalisation onto your gift cards such as a predefined stock image library or something from your personal photo library. We are able to add customised messages on a complimentary greeting card and have them sent directly to the recipient to ensure your consumers never miss out on that special occasion.

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Plastic card printing for corporations

Make staff and customers feel special by adding the company logo to their chosen card which we can personalise with colours, text font and style to express brand identity. When rewarding your consumers, it can be beneficial to plan these gift cards depending on statistics such as demographics, hobbies, location and behaviours. By catering to certain groups it can make the personalisation feel a lot more targeted and build stronger brand loyalty. You can also add personalised messages, and it has been proven that the perceived value of the gift is higher as 63% of consumers want total personalisation including photo uploads, video content or packaging according to the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association.

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Personalisation Security Features

As Orion grows so does our knowledge in secure printing solutions, and we continue to innovate and push ourselves to implement new features. Depending on what you would like personalised our security features can differ, but we always aim to stay ahead on combating counterfeiters and fraudsters. We are able to implement holograms, watermarks, fixed colours and foils in a controlled environment in products such as our gift vouchers. Other features we’re able to include are magnetic stripes, QR codes, photo identification, barcodes, sequential numbering and anti-copying designs in products such as our plastic cards which are also able to be personalised. Therefore, it depends on what product you would like your personalised printing to be implemented into, but our expert team will always be able to offer insight into which security features are best for your product.

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Secure Products

Membership cards

Achieve significant sales and performance targets with secure and personalised membership cards today. From feature such as sequential numbering to foils, you're able to keep your cards safe and effective, providing loyal consumers

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Gift Cards

With our expert design team, you're able to have personalised and secure features implemented into your gift cards. These features can range from personalised messages to go with the cards to fixed colours all in a controlled environment.

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Loyalty cards

With secure plastic loyalty cards you're able to encourage customer retention and increase sales. To do so effectively, you'll need loyalty cards that utilise the right security features and personalisation. Elements such as barcodes, QR codes, scratch off panels, bespoke designs and more are able to keep your customers safe and build consumer loyalty in an effective manner.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Personalisation below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

Is personalisation beneficial?

Personalisation is hugely beneficial in marketing and ecommerce. Consumers are coming to expect a personalised experience from retailers and brands and are much more likely to return when receiving such experiences. 70% of consumers say a company’s understanding of their personal needs influences their loyalty, according to Salesforce.

How much is it to get my product personalised?

Our prices completely differ depending on various factors such as the product being personalised, security features, sizes, quantity and more. The best way to get accurate pricing is to get in touch above or contact us today.

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we will provide you with samples so you can be assured that you’re receiving exactly what you need. We can provide samples of materials, features, digital versions and more.

Can I get personalisation on both sides of my product?

We allow for printing on both sides of our products and our expert in-house team will guide you through the capabilities to get you the perfect product.

Where can I get personalised printing done?

Personalised printing can be done at most professional printing companies that allow options for personalisation, such as ourselves. We also provide security features to make sure your product is not only personalised, but also safe and counterfeit free.

How can I get a quote?

Our team is more than happy to help you with a quote, just get in touch or go to our contact page and we will try our best to take care of you.