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Secure Printing Solutions for Transport

Transport Ticket Printing

At Orion, we have been providing consultancy services and supplying the UK transport industry with secure ticketing solutions for over 25 years with our expert team. During this time, we have evolved, grown and developed our company and techniques as we’ve constantly adapted to challenges such as fraud. We have worked with many companies during and gained an abundance of happy customers, which you can read about in our testimonials page.

As technology grows, so do we. Orion has invested in modern equipment and techniques in order to be able to produce both Mifare and Desfire Smart Cards in the most efficient and effective manner. We are able to supply Mifare Ultralite Polyester and paper tickets with partners, and we’re able to supply Mifare labels that can be applied to a low-cost cassier, avoiding the expense of non environmentally friendly and costly plastic.

Leading Transport Ticket Printing in the UK


Orion is the gateway to successful, effective and secure transport ticket solutions and we offer our clients with a reliable, high quality transport ticket printing solution to suit their company. Our bespoke solutions can suit any ticketing system, no matter how simple or complex it may be, and our in-house expert designers are able to create a secure and on-brand ticketing solution to not only suit your business but also help avoid fraud.


Our complete solutions provide a system that works for your transport tickets, and we’ll be able to discuss possible security features whilst advising you on the best and most suitable ones to choose for your business. Different elements of the tickets work well for different projects, but all of our security features are extremely hard to replicate without specialist knowledge and the top of the line equipment and software which will help prevent counterfeiting.

Why choose Orion for Transport Ticket Printing?

Smart Cards

With the constant rapid evolution of technology in the transport industry, we have made sure to keep up by manufacturing smart cards. Whilst Smart has advantages, it also has limitations, therefore we have taken the decision to not be part of the ITSO project as we believe the cost of manufacture and management will give Smartcards a limited life.

Bespoke Designs

With our expert in-house team, we are able to personalise your tickets to make them on-brand and aesthetically pleasing to your consumers. We know security and functionality are the key elements, however with our bespoke designs it will help boost consumer loyalty as some people like to keep tickets as souvenirs of the places they’ve visited. Having customers keep your ticket as a souvenir is beneficial due to your brand being in their pocket.

Keep your transport safe

Secure measures for transport is a top priority for us, and it should be for any transport company. As a company that always pushes to be innovative and provide for our clients, we host a variety of secure printing features to prevent fraud, counterfeiting and forgeries. We are completely aware that security within tickets is a major growing concern amongst transport, so as a company we are constantly committed to making sure we revolutionise the way we implement security features to our transport tickets and we will continue to keep developing them.

Transport Ticket Printing Security Features

We are able to provide various innovative security features of different levels of security. We produce thermal ticket seals with various levels of security available including fluorescents, holograms, UV, and now gold foil numbering which was originally developed for currency. These features are advanced and require several technologies and adapt knowledge to replicate, which means fraudsters will struggle to counterfeit the tickets. We also have scratch offs, which are manufactured in-house and are produced with added security features that help to prevent the date validation being tampered with. 

Our investment in web development together with our fully auditable fulfilment systems enable us to process your online sales. We have a card payment facility and a bank approved IT system. Not only are our tickets completely secure, but so is our facility. We have regular checks of our staff and areas, with 24/7 CCTV and separate buildings in case of disasters, so you can feel completely secure and confident when choosing Orion.

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The transport industry aims to provide quality and cost-effective services to get customers from one place to another, with the use of air, sea or surface transport. Buses are a huge staple in the UK public transport, and having the right transport tickets is not only vital for branding but also security. Fraud is a major concern with all tickets but transport is a huge one, and with the help of ourselves we can create tickets that fight counterfeiting and fraudulent activities to protect your business.


As this industry plays a critical role in the UK economy and contributes approximately £23.6bn to the UK’s GVA, and a big portion being trains, we are happy to provide the leading secure transport tickets with the help of our in-house team and secure solutions for train tickets within the UK. Train users avoiding ticket costs is a growing concern in the UK, and with the help of our in-house experts we can help you design an effective, on-brand and most importantly a secure ticket to fight fraudsters and keep your company safe.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Transport Ticket Printing below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

How much is it to get transport tickets printed?

Prices are dependent on various factors with our tickets, such as the quantity and size of the ticket, as well as what you’d like to add and the amount of security measures you’d like to take. To get more specific information you can use our Get In Touch section of the page to drop any questions or contact us today.

Where can I get my transport tickets printed?

The best place to get transport tickets printed is by a professional printing company such as ourselves due to the security measures being an important factor with customers committing fraud within public transport. At Orion, we have over 25 years of secure printing experience and we are proud to offer a huge range of bespoke services.

How to design transport tickets?

If you’re not the best at designing yourself, then you don’t have to worry because our expert in-house team will help you design your transport tickets to keep them professional, up to date, secure and branded.

Will I get to see samples of my tickets?

Of course! We can provide samples of materials, security features, and any digital versions of the designs before printing, this will ensure you receive a product that is perfect for you or your business.

How do I make my transport tickets counterfeit free?

At Orion we are proud to offer various security features to add to your transport tickets that prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Such elements can be holograms and foils, inks, watermarks, numbering and personalisation, concealed images, fixed colours and many more.