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Bespoke Promotional Scratch Cards

Scratch Card Printing

Promotional scratch cards bring a dash of thrill to your marketing campaigns, events and promotions. Boost customer engagement and add an element of surprise to your campaigns with our custom made scratch cards. By revealing exclusive offers, discounts and prizes with a tangible product, you add an element of personalisation into your campaigns. Using this entertaining and effective approach to marketing, you can promote your business and create a memorable experience for your customers.


Personalised scratch cards offer a world of creative opportunities to elevate your brand, event or promotion. Delight your customers by crafting a unique experience that resonates with their preferences. We can tailor our scratch cards to suit any occasion. From launching a new product, celebrating a milestone or running a seasonal sale – we can customise your scratch card to fit.


Create a sense of exclusivity by adding branding elements such as logos, colours or taglines. Attract instant attention as trade shows, conference and fundraisers by handing out your exciting cards. With each scratch you’re not only offering a chance to win, but a chance to engage deeply with your audience. Leave a lasting impression that goes beyond the surface, let your imagination run wild and elevate your marketing to new heights.

What can scratch cards be used for?

Marketing Campaigns

Transform your marketing strategies into interactive experiences with scratch cards. Business can use scratch cards to assist product launches, drive sales or increase brand awareness. Customers can eagerly scratch to reveal discounts, freebies or special offers. Traditional marketing methods can't achieve the sense of urgency and engagement achieved with a scratch card promotion.

Trade Shows & Conferences

Attract, engage and leave a lasting impression at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. Utilise scratch cards as a tool to draw attendees to your booth. Give out scratch cards with opportunities to win special prizes, try your product, or enter a competition. You can even add a QR code to enter the competition and gain valuable data through your website.

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Reward your employees for their hard work and dedication by running an internal promotion. Create an employee incentive program that provide on-the-spot recognition for your staffs achievements. From meeting targets, completing projects or displaying exceptional teamwork, make your employees feel valued. The act of scratching off the card itself becomes a small celebration, boosting morale and motivation.

Event Invitations & RSVPs

Create excitement for your event with scratch card invites that reveal event details or special perks. Recipients will enjoy the tactile experience of revealing event information and may even scratch to reveal other surprises. You can add bonuses such as a VIP experience, front-row seating, or other event add ons. The novelty of the invite is also very sharable, and can help to further promote your event through social media shares.

Customer Loyalty Programmes

Enhance your customer loyalty program by integrating scratch cards as rewards for repeat purchases or referrals. Reward your customers with scratch cards containing exclusive discounts, freebies or early access to new product ranges. This exciting loyalty approach will strengthen the bond between your brand and it's loyal customers.

Fundraisers & Nonprofit Campaigns

Incorporate scratch cards into your fundraising efforts to add an element of fun and excitement. Donors can scratch to reveal their contribution amount or a potential prize. This not only encourages participation but also makes donors feel more connected to the cause they're supporting. Scratch cards can also incentivise larger donations by bundling them alongside merchandise.

Product Launches

Generate buzz and intrigue around a new product launch by sending out teaser scratch cards to your existing customer base. Allow them to scratch off portions that unveil hints about the upcoming product's features or benefits. This interactive approach creates a sense of anticipation and encourages customers to stay tuned for the big reveal.

Transport Tickets

Scratch and reveal cards have multiple uses within the transport industry. Transport companies can distribute free tickets, and passengers can scratch them to indicate the date of use. Companies can also use the cards to give discounts on future trips, offer free upgrades, or give access to premium amenities. Such unexpected perks enhance the overall travel experience and encourage brand loyalty.

Scratch card security features

At Orion we always implement cutting edge security features into our bespoke products. When you order your scratch cards you can add a variety of features to ensure they’re safe and secure. From unique numbering to anti-copying designs, we protect you against fraudulent activity. Our team are on hand every step of the way from design to distribution to ensure your campaigns run smoothly.

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Events are exciting, but promotional product can help to create a bigger buzz. Our experience within the events industry includes working with The Brits, Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds Festival. We help to promote and create exciting and unique items for events across the UK and beyond. If you’re running an event, get in touch to see how we can help.


If you have a physical or online store, we can help to elevate your brand and promote your products. By creating exciting and unique marketing collateral you can build your brand and create a solid bond with your customers. We can create scratch cards that support a variety of purposes, completely customised for each campaign.

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Promotional Scratch Card FAQs

Take a look at common FAQs for bespoke scratch cards below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What are the benefits of promotional scratch cards?

Promotional scratch cards enable your company to connect with your audience and build stronger relationships. This can be for existing customers, staff or new prospects. You can also use promotional campaigns to gather insightful data that can help you shape future campaigns.

Can I see samples of your scratch cards?

We can provide samples of all our products, and discuss the endless possibilities available. You can achieve exactly what you’re looking for with our range of bespoke scratch cards.

Can your scratch cards be personalised?

We make all of our scratch cards to order, exactly how you want them. As well as adding your branding, message and design features, we can add names or pictures for a personal touch. Personalisation is a vital part of marketing, work closely with our design team to achieve the desired look and feel.