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Secure Printing Of Speciality Products

At Orion, we’ve a wealth of experience in all types of secure printing, and that includes for several unique categories. Many of these require high levels of secure printing and protection against fraudulent activates.

Promotional and Scratch Cards

Personalised and promotional cards, such as scratch cards, are a fantastic product for engaging with your customers. When printed securely, scratch cards provide you with a great way of generating an air of excitement and anticipation to any marketing campaign.

As well as being a terrific way to interact with your customers, scratch cards can also be a valuable and effective way to gather data, such as email addresses and telephone numbers, simply by requesting details to be filled in on the reverse as a way of validation.

The silver latex or rub remove, which is commonly used on scratch and gaming cards, is also similar to what is applied to other secure printed items such as parking permits, travel cards, gift vouchers and gift cards.

Managing the secure printing and production of scratch cards takes a great deal of careful planning. At Orion, we have the knowledge and expertise to design, print and fulfil complex work.

Our scratch card customers benefit from the fact that our premises are totally secure and monitored by CCTV. This provides that extra level of security and assurance when manufacturing cards that ordinarily contain high-value prizes. That means when it comes to your next promotional cards put your trust and confidence in Orion to deliver a “winning” solution.

Secure printing of local currency

Independent Local (Transitional) Currencies are increasing in popularity and more schemes emerge each year. Our background of developing new products and security printing features for over 25 years has given Orion the appropriate skillset to enhance one of the newest growth areas in security print in recent years.

The objective is to inspire spending within the local community, help build connections, especially with locally owned businesses, possibly support a reduction in carbon footprint and benefit the environment.

Orion has made a significant impact in the Local Currency market, both in the UK and Europe.

Our willingness to assist in the design and integration of security elements into their notes has been recognised by several organisations as an indispensable aid to the success of their projects.

Unlike paper gift vouchers which are used for a single transaction, Local Currency is continually recycled through the retail system. To withstand this constant handling, we’ve developed a secure paper that is on a par with Banknote Paper for wear resistance.

As a testament to this, the Brixton Pound has now been in circulation for over 4 years – longer than the average UK Banknote.

As with any new currency, public confidence has to be built from scratch as the notes must have the look and more importantly “feel” of currency. Our materials and overt security features combine to make each unit of local currency an easily identifiable document for both the public and retailer alike.

All notes include the unique feature of gold foil numbering, something that should not be underestimated in terms of protection. This feature offers significant protection against copying.

Each local currency project has its own unique requirements and from the start of each project, our team are on hand to advise on design and security content, to ensure you get the highest level of secure print protection for the lowest possible unit cost.

Our currency experts work closely with your administration and creative team to ensure:
•    The look and feel of your notes ensures the utmost public confidence
•    Maximum protection is gained from your capital outlay
•    Costs are kept to commercially acceptable levels
•    Integrity of manufacture from a trusted and experienced supplier
Orion have an experienced in-house design team who can take your ideas to fruition in our state of the art design studio.

We also work closely with Specialist Banknote Designer Tom Badley: who has a wealth of design experience having worked for one of Europe’s largest Banknote manufacturers.



We have the capacity to add personalisation to your securely printed products. Our proficiency to handle personal data is especially evident when printing a greeting or thank-you card.


There are fewer greater rewards than recognition from peers, colleagues, line managers or friends.

Orion is able to offer a range of Long Service Awards ranging from simple thank you cards and greetings cards to bespoke printed wallets. These can contain gift vouchers, gift cards and even e-codes printed within the piece.

The personalisation can range from a generic message simply addressed to an individual, to fully personalised messages, dedicated to the individual, and can include images and links to video content, QR codes and personalised landing pages.

All driven from your existing data file, usually without any need to involve IT.


In the age of digital media, it is still useful to have a hard copy of information that can be spread out to see the bigger picture. Orion’s unique new product, the COMPAKcard*, does just that.

The COMPAKcard is a revolutionary marketing tool that has the ability to convey a wealth of information on a single sheet of paper. Secure in its own self-contained wallet it’s small enough to fit into your wallet or purse. From the size of a credit card, it opens out to 340mm x 180mm. The wallet and the sheet it contains can be personalised on either side, offering your brand the maximum exposure.

Get your message across with Orion’s COMPAKcard*.

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