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Card Printing Solutions

Loyalty Card Printing

Keep your customers captivated and committed to your brand by offering unique incentives. Let Orion Print be your catalyst to enhance your brand’s loyalty program. We have a huge range of styles, materials and solutions to choose from.

Bespoke Loyalty Card Solutions


We specialise in crafting loyalty card solutions that are as unique as your brand. We make our loyalty cards from versatile PVC or essential board cards, catering to your distinct preferences. We go a step further by adding exciting features to make your loyalty cards truly stand out.


We offer unique extras such as scratch-off panels and bespoke security features. This helps to keep your customers captivated and committed to your brand through exceptional loyalty

Our range of loyalty cards

Plastic Loyalty Cards

We design our plastic loyalty cards to go the distance, offering unmatched longevity. We craft our plastic cards from robust PVC to ensure they endure the rigours of daily use. This makes them the perfect choice for businesses looking to maintain long-lasting customer relationships.

Personalisation is at the heart of our plastic loyalty cards. You can add individual customer details like photos, names, and customer numbers, creating a unique and engaging experience for each cardholder. We offer a range of finishes including gloss or matte, with luxury extra options such as embossing. Our diverse range of customisation options allow you to tailor your cards to precisely match your brand's image.

We can include QR Codes and Barcodes to simplify scanning and data collection, enhancing efficiency. Most people opt for credit card size, however, our equipment allows us to offer bespoke sizes if required. Create a truly unique loyalty card that matches your brand identity and exceeds customer expectations.

Essential Board Cards

Fuel your commitment to customer loyalty with our sustainable and cost-effective board loyalty cards. This eco-friendly solution is perfect for brands running short-term or single use promotions. Board cards are great for companies like McDonalds with their free hot drinks, or nail and hair salons offering discounted treatments.

Personalise your loyalty cards with customer-specific details like names, photos, or customer ID numbers. Opt for single or double-sided printing, unleash vibrant full-colour designs, and explore various lamination options. Need a unique size? We've got you covered to perfectly match your brand's identity and vision.

Rest assured, our cost-effective cards never compromise on quality. Our in-house design experts are ready to collaborate and create board REWARD cards that are perfect for your reward scheme. Create an exciting and innovative loyalty card with Orion Print.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Our digital loyalty card alternative provides a cutting-edge solution that streamlines the entire process. Customers no longer need to fumble with physical cards; they can seamlessly access and utilise their loyalty benefits with ease.

We offer multiple digital formats, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that best suits your audience. Whether it's a QR code for quick scanning, a digital card stored in a mobile wallet for on-the-go convenience, or an exclusive website login for a more immersive experience. Our digital alternatives keep your brand at the forefront of customer convenience. With these modern solutions, you not only retain customer loyalty exceed expectations.

Embracing digital alternatives keeps your brand at the forefront of customer convenience. Say goodbye to the days of searching for a physical card—welcome to a world where loyalty benefits are just a click away, tailored to your customers' preferences and accessible whenever they need them.

Why choose Loyalty Cards from Orion Print?

100% Customised to Your Brand

At Orion Print, we pride ourselves on delivering loyalty cards that are as unique as your brand. We design your bespoke loyalty cards with your specific needs in mind. You can add your branding, logo, and unique design elements to create a card that perfectly aligns with your brand's identity. This personalised touch enhances the customer experience, reinforcing their loyalty to your business.

Unbeatable security features

In the world of loyalty cards, security is paramount. We offer a range of cutting-edge security features to protect your cards against counterfeiting and unauthorised use. Our bespoke features help to safeguard your loyalty program's integrity. Browse our range of bespoke security features from UV ink to custom made holograms. Fortify your loyalty program with Orion Print.

Single or Double-Sided Cards

Our flexibility extends to your loyalty card's design. You can choose between single or double-sided printing, ensuring that you have ample space to include all the necessary information and design elements. This choice gives you the freedom to create a card that perfectly aligns with your brand's image and customer experience.

Dependable Fulfilment

We understand the importance of timely delivery. We produce and deliver your loyalty cards according to your schedule, directly from our secure fulfilment facility. Launch your loyalty program with confidence, knowing your cards will be ready whenever you need them.

In-House Design Team

Our in-house design team is your creative partner in crafting the perfect loyalty card. Whether you have a design concept in mind or need fresh creative ideas, our experts are ready to collaborate and bring your vision to life. Their expertise ensures that your loyalty cards will not only be functional but also visually appealing, reflecting your brand's unique style.

Full-Colour Printing Process

Colour is a powerful tool in marketing and branding. Our full-colour process allows you to use vibrant and eye-catching designs that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. You can be confident that your loyalty cards will stand out and be a visual representation of your brand's identity.

Loyalty Card Security Features

At Orion, we don’t just meet security standards; we set them. We’re not content with the ordinary; we’re at the forefront of innovative printing solutions. Your customers’ safety and your business’s integrity are our top priorities, that’s why we include security features to protect them.

View more security print features

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Food & Beverage Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards have become a staple in the food and beverage industry. Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Costa have set a stellar example. These cards offer enticing rewards with every order, turning occasional diners into loyal patrons. From free drinks to exclusive discounts, they ensure that each sip or bite keeps customers coming back for more.

Retail Loyalty Cards

In the world of retail, loyalty cards are game-changers. Brands like JD, Urban Outfitters, and Nike have harnessed the digital realm to offer exclusive online deals. These cards provide a passport to discounts, early access to sales, and personalised offers. In an age of e-commerce, these digital-style loyalty cards are the perfect tool for nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Beauty & Cosmetics Loyalty Cards

The beauty industry is all about enhancing one’s features, and loyalty cards like Lancome’s VIP Rewards scheme have mastered the art of pampering customers. Beyond the usual discounts, they reward customers for product reviews and provide VIP treatment. These cards not only make beauty more affordable but transform each purchase into a luxurious experience.

Travel & Tourism Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards have taken the travel and tourism industry by storm. Companies like have introduced “guru” status, creating an exclusive platform for loyal customers to earn and redeem unique rewards. Whether it’s discounted stays, room upgrades, or access to hidden gems, these cards open the doors to unforgettable journeys.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Loyalty Cards below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What are loyalty cards, and how do they work?

Loyalty cards are specially designed cards that businesses provide to their customers to encourage repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty. These cards typically offer rewards, discounts, or other incentives to cardholders based on their ongoing patronage. Customers present the loyalty card during transactions, and their purchases are tracked in a database. As they accumulate points or make qualifying purchases, they earn rewards, such as free items, discounts, or exclusive offers.

What are the benefits of using loyalty cards for my business?

Loyalty cards offer several advantages for businesses, including increased customer retention, enhanced brand loyalty, and boosted sales. They help identify and reward repeat customers, build stronger relationships with clients, and provide valuable data for marketing and sales strategies. Additionally, loyalty programs can differentiate your brand and help you stand out in a competitive market.

What security features can be added to loyalty cards to prevent fraud?

Loyalty cards can be equipped with various security features to prevent fraud and unauthorised use. Some common security measures include UV ink, holograms, watermarks, sequential numbering, and even photo IDs. These features make it challenging for counterfeiters to replicate or misuse the cards, ensuring the integrity of your loyalty program.

What industries can benefit from loyalty card programs?

Loyalty card programs are versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries. Retail, food and beverage, beauty and cosmetics, and travel and tourism are just a few examples of sectors that have successfully utilised loyalty programs. Regardless of the industry, businesses can harness loyalty cards to retain customers, foster brand loyalty, and boost sales.

Can I incorporate digital loyalty cards into my loyalty program?

Yes, you can incorporate digital loyalty cards into your program. Digital loyalty cards offer the convenience of mobile-based solutions, including QR codes, mobile wallet integration, and other digital platforms. These digital alternatives provide customers with easy access to their loyalty benefits without needing a physical card.

Can you provide design assistance for my loyalty cards?

Certainly! Orion Print offers design assistance for your loyalty cards. We have an in-house design team that can help create unique, eye-catching loyalty card designs tailored to your brand. Whether you have a design in mind or need creative inspiration, our professionals can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.