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Secure Card Printing Solutions

Loyalty Cards

Plastic consumer loyalty cards have been proven to encourage customer retention and increase sales, across a wide range of different industries, and allow you to segment between profitable and unprofitable customers. At Orion, we have 25 years of experience and are one of the UK’s leading providers of plastic loyalty card printing, whilst constantly innovating new ways to grow and add new features. We offer plastic and digital versions, and we have worked with banks, restaurant chains, major retailers, incentive groups, sporting clubs, experience providers and online retailers.

UK Loyalty Card Supplier – Bespoke Solutions


Manufactured in our tailor-made card production facility, we are able to print customised plastic loyalty cards to support a huge selection of sectors. We are able to print various sizes of cards using different materials, making us the number one choice for loyalty card printing. No matter if it is a durable plastic loyalty card for your supermarket, or a digital loyalty programme fulfilment as a service, we are able to create bespoke loyalty scheme solutions with our expert in-house team to guide you through the process. 

Why you should choose Orion for your Loyalty Card Printing

Digital Loyalty Cards

Orion Print also has the capability to provide digital loyalty programme fulfilment as a service as we believe convenience can be key. Not only can digital loyalty features provide a more mobile savvy feel for your business, but they can be much easier to use and contain real-time data and intelligent marketing. Sometimes, going digital can boost your loyalty strategy, by building closer connections with consumers, getting connected and staying relevant with personalised messages and rewards.

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Bespoke Features

We have many capabilities for loyalty card printing, including 2D barcodes, QR codes, security scratch off pin code panels, signature peels, matt or gloss finishes, magnetic stripes (with or without encoding), luxury foil finishes, sequential numbering, bespoke designs and colour printing to one or two sides.

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Dependable Fulfilment Solutions

Orion is proud to host a complete secure premise that has regular checks and 24/7 CCTV monitoring to ensure your orders are as safe as can be. We make sure to security check each member of our expert team prior to employment being formally offered, and access keys are restricted according to individual roles, with movements of staff being monitored. Our facilities are split between 2 separate buildings in case of disaster, so you can feel confident in choosing a leading printing company in the UK such as ourselves. Feel free to read more on our fulfilment page.

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Loyalty Card Security Features

At Orion we pride ourselves on our excelling security measures, and at the cutting edge of bespoke printing solutions, our expert team can work closely with you to create unique and personalised loyalty cards that keep your consumer loyalty up to par with competitors, whilst being safe from fraud. Protecting your customers and business is a number one priority, and we have various security features to help this, such as:

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If you’d like more information about out products and services, please use this form to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

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For 25 year we have been working with many companies in the transport industry, providing high quality and secure solutions which are personalised to suit the companies. Transport is a perfect industry to use digital loyalty programmes as it is much more convenient and efficient for customers to just pull out their phone and we are constantly seeing most transport companies shift to digital methods. Catering to instant gratification is becoming more necessary, and Orion can help you do so with our in-house team helping you through the process, assisting you on developing future adaptability.


The UK retail industry consists of over 300,000 separate businesses, so maintaining consumer loyalty can be a challenge in this rapidly paced sector. At Orion, we can help you boost customer relationships and retention by keeping customers loyal and trusting of your brand with our plastic loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are cost effective, and you can customise yours with our expert in-house team, providing your business a competitive edge as people like being rewarded with low effort. We provide bespoke designs and many security features, allowing your branding to reach into everybody’s wallet with our custom designed loyalty cards, expanding your reach and influence.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Loyalty Cards below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

How to make customer loyalty cards?

It is best to reach out to professional businesses to make your loyalty cards for the most effective and secure designs. You can do so with a company like ourselves who host an expert in-house studio, and you will get help every step of the way whilst we keep your products secure with security features and safe fulfilment solutions.

Why are loyalty cards effective?

Loyalty cards are an effectively designed loyalty program that allow companies to segment customers into profitable and unprofitable consumers. They also help boost retention and increase sales, at a cost effective rate as it is cheaper to maintain loyal customers than obtain new ones.

What do loyalty cards do?

Loyalty cards are usually a printed plastic card that helps track how many purchases a consumer makes, whilst providing loyal customers with rewards depending on their purchases. They help to encourage customers to remain loyal and become repeat buyers.

Can I have printing on the reverse of a loyalty card?

The answer is yes – we can do various designs, security measures and even more on both sides of your printed loyalty card. Whilst designing you can work with our expert in-house team to produce a perfect, personalised and secure loyalty card best suited to your brand

How much is it to make customer loyalty cards?

Prices always vary depending on the factors of the card, such as the size, the quantity, features added onto it and whether it’s digital or physical. However, feel free to get in touch above at our Get In Touch section or contact us today.

Can I see samples of my product?

Samples are always available, we can show you various samples such as the materials, security features and we can also show you any digital designs prior to printing or finishing them for you. This ensures you will get a product that is perfect for you and your business.