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Tap Cards

Welcome to the new era of information exchange with Tap Cards from Orion Print. Revolutionise the way you connect with customers, investors, colleagues, or third-party systems with just a simple tap. Whether you’re sharing your website through your business card or effortlessly accessing restricted areas, our Tap Cards offer boundless functionality.

The Benefits of Tap Cards


Tap Cards from Orion Print are a game-changer in efficiency and convenience. Our Tap Cards harness the power of NFC contactless technology to enhance information sharing, leaving everyone you meet stunned by the seamless capabilities. No app is needed, with a simple setup our solution provides effortless connectivity.


Crafted from durable PVC, our Tap Cards ensure longevity, maintaining their pristine quality through countless interactions. Fully customisable with your branding, each Tap Card becomes a reflection of your unique identity and professionalism. We offer versatile solutions tailored to your needs, including added security features and QR codes if required. 


Experience hassle-free setup and unlimited taps with no restrictions. Our Tap Cards are designed to work seamlessly with any smartphone, ensuring compatibility across various devices and platforms. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to boundless connectivity with Tap Cards from Orion Print. Unlock the potential of effortless information exchange and networking—tap into a world of possibilities today.

Our Contactless Tap Card Options

Tap Business Cards

Say farewell to traditional paper business cards and embrace the future of networking. With Business Tap Cards, exchanging contact information has never been easier. No more manual searches, using contactless technology people can tap your card to save your details directly into their phone contact list. Direct recipients to your website or social profiles with ease, encouraging seamless engagement and leaving a lasting impression.

Tap Review Cards

Effortlessly build up positive company reviews with review tap cards. Link your cards to leading review platforms such as Google Review, TrustPilot,, Trip Advisor, or Feefo. After providing exceptional service, invite customers to tap your card and leave a review seamlessly. Streamline the review process, boost your credibility, and enhance trust in your brand—ultimately paving the way for future success.

Tap Access Cards

Experience hassle-free access control with Tap Access Cards. Our contactless technology eliminates the need for keys or access codes, offering a seamless solution for buildings with restricted areas. Integrated into ID cards, our Tap Access technology provides a comprehensive solution for schools, medical facilities, events, and beyond. Ensure authorised access with ease, enhancing security while simplifying management.

Tap Card Security Features


We can add additional layers of security to your Tap Cards depending on their desired use. At our state-of-the-art secure facility in Derbyshire, your products are protected by our 24/7 CCTV, restricted access and full traceability throughout the manufacturing and fulfilment process. 

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In retail, Tap Cards offer a seamless solution to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. Integrated into loyalty programs or payment systems, Tap Cards simplify checkout processes and incentivise repeat business. By providing easy access to online stores, promotions, and product reviews, Tap Cards foster deeper connections with customers, driving brand loyalty and increasing sales. Additionally, Tap Access Cards can optimise inventory management by controlling access to restricted areas, enhancing security and reducing the risk of loss or theft.


Networking becomes effortless with Tap Cards, revolutionising how professionals connect and exchange information. Replace traditional business cards with Tap Business Cards, allowing contacts to quickly save your details to their phone contact list with a simple tap. Direct contacts to your website, social media profiles, or online portfolio instantly, showcasing your expertise and facilitating meaningful connections. Streamline follow-up by encouraging reviews with Tap Review Cards, building credibility and trust in your business. Plus, simplify event access with Tap Access Cards, ensuring smooth entry to networking events, conferences, or trade shows while enhancing security and eliminating the need for physical tickets.

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Take a look at common FAQs for contactless tap cards below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What are Tap Cards?

Tap Cards are innovative contactless cards equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. They enable seamless information exchange and interaction with compatible devices through a simple tap gesture, eliminating the need for physical contact or manual input.

How do Tap Cards work?

Tap Cards work by utilising NFC technology, which allows data transfer between the card and a compatible device when brought into close proximity. When you tap a Tap Card against a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device, it triggers an interaction that can include transferring contact information, directing to a website, or accessing specific functionalities programmed into the card.

Are Tap Cards compatible with all smartphones?

Tap Cards are compatible with most modern smartphones equipped with NFC capabilities. However, it’s always recommended to check the specifications of your device to ensure compatibility before using Tap Cards.

Can I customise the design of my Tap Cards?

Yes, Tap Cards can be fully customised to reflect your branding, logo, colours, and any other desired design elements. Orion Print offers comprehensive customisation options to ensure that your Tap Cards align with your brand identity and messaging.

How secure are Tap Cards?

Tap Cards utilise industry-standard security protocols to ensure the safety of data transmission. They are designed with encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect against unauthorised access or tampering. Additionally, Tap Cards do not store sensitive data directly on the card itself, further enhancing security.

We can also add additional security features to the physical card to reduce the risk of fraud or counterfeiting.

Can Tap Cards be integrated with existing access control systems?

Yes, Tap Cards can be seamlessly integrated with existing access control systems, providing a convenient and secure solution for managing entry into restricted areas. Orion Print offers integration services to ensure compatibility with your organisation’s access control infrastructure, enhancing security and efficiency.