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Secure Membership Card Solutions

Membership Card Printing

Engage and retain your customers with high-quality membership cards tailored to your unique brand. With a huge range of styles to choose from, we can find a membership card solution that perfectly matches your requirements.

Professional Membership Card Printing Solutions

At Orion, we are your go-to source for professional membership card printing solutions across the UK. Whether you require plastic, PVC, or board cards, our expert team is here to cater to your specific needs.


Our experts help you to design your ideal membership card, from library cards to gym memberships. Our cards are fully customisable, allowing you to incorporate your company logo, name, and even more detailed information like library data.


Our flexibility allows us to produce cards in smaller volumes, eliminating the need to order large quantities upfront. Not only does this save you money, but it grants freedom for design changes as frequently as needed. Due to our state of the art facility, we can also fulfil large orders in a short time frame.

Create a membership card that works for you

Plastic Membership Cards

Our plastic membership cards, known for their durability, are an excellent choice, guaranteeing longevity. We offer the flexibility to enhance your cards further with magnetic strips, signature strips, and sequential numbering. This makes your cards not just durable but functional and secure too.

We craft our plastic cards from robust PVC, created to your exact specifications. Choose from a sleek glossy finish or a refined matte texture. We can emboss your cards and add foils for that premium feel.

Our membership cards aren't just cards; they're tools designed to simplify and enhance user experience. Incorporate barcodes and QR codes for effortless scanning and data collection. Our membership cards are available in bespoke sizes, however, credit card size is the most popular option.

Essential Board Cards

For a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality, consider our eco-friendly board cards. Due to the material, some advanced features may not be available with this solution. We can still integrate practical scanning elements like barcodes and QR codes to meet your needs.

Your membership cards should reflect your brand and your members' identity. That's why we offer personalisation options, including member photographs, names, and unique identifiers. Our full-colour cards can be single or double-sided, allowing you to make the most of your design. Plus, you have the freedom to choose from various lamination options to achieve the desired tactile quality.

Whether you have a design in mind or need some creative inspiration, our in-house design team is at your service. We're on hand to transform your ideas into striking reality.

First Class Security

At Orion Print, security is our top priority. Our range of advanced security features ensures your membership cards remain protected against unauthorised use.

Our UV ink is invisible yet reliable, confirming card authenticity. We can create exclusive watermarks for added security, while our distinctive holograms are incredibly tough to replicate. Sequential numbering aids in efficient card tracking, and you can opt for photo IDs for identity verification.

We know how important it is to protect your membership program. Talk to our team to discuss our full range of security options and find the right solution for you.

Why choose Orion for your Membership Cards?

Tailored to perfection

At Orion Print, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We custom-design our cards to match your needs, we don't use pre-set templates. With a vast array of style options, you have the freedom to create a membership card that's truly unique. You can select the best features to suit your specific requirements.

Security Experts

As a professional security printing company, we take pride in going the extra mile. Our in-house team dedicates itself to crafting secure membership cards that protect your membership scheme. We work closely with you to find the perfect solution for your company, including our wide range of features. This guarantees peace of mind for both you and your members.

Digital membership cards

In a world driven by convenience, our digital membership card offering is gaining popularity. Providing a hassle-free way for members to prove their membership without a physical card. Our digital solution includes options like QR codes and mobile wallet integrations. Say goodbye to the need for physical cards, and welcome a more streamlined, modern approach to membership verification.

Membership Card Security Features

Ensuring the safety of your customers and the integrity of your business should always be top of mind. That’s why we prioritize the implementation of cutting-edge security features on your membership cards. Our options include QR codes, barcodes, security scratch-off pin code panels, sequential numbering, and more.

We understand that secure printing is an increasingly pressing concern across all industries. We remain committed to advancing and innovating security measures, continuously raising the bar to deter card duplication and protect your interests.

View more security print features

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Fitness Industry

Membership cards are an essential feature for fitness and health clubs, ensuring everyone entering the venue has paid to be there. We can customise your gym membership cards with bespoke features and added security elements.

Public Service

We provide membership cards for public service institutions, such as libraries. Completely personalised with each member’s details you can use the library membership cards to link details to a main CRM system. This way you can monitor book loans and returns with one easy scan.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Membership Cards below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

How to print membership cards?

The best option is to get your membership cards printed at professional companies such as ourselves. We have over 25 years of secure printing experience, and we offer a wide range of bespoke services ranging from gift voucher to tickets to secure printing solutions. Not only that, but we can also offer digital membership cards too.

How to design a membership card to print?

If you’re not the creative type or just need assistance on the design elements, there is no need to worry, our in-house studio will work with you closely on your designs, making sure your cards are effective, on-brand and up to date.

How much is it to get membership cards printed?

The pricing depends on the elements you add to your cards, such as the amount of security measures, the sizing, colours, quantity and any extras you want to add. However, you can get in touch for more specific information above, or contact us today.

Will I get to see a sample of my product?

Of course, we will show you samples of materials, security features, and we will also show digital versions of the designs prior to actually printing them, which ensures you get a product that is perfect for purpose.

Can I have printing on both sides of the membership card?

Definitely! We are able to do multiple designs, security features and even more on both sides of your product. You will be able to work with our in-home team to produce exactly what you want.

How do I get a quote for membership card printing?

We are eager to help you with any questions or enquiries and provide you with the relevant information needed, just head to our Get In Touch section above or contact us today.