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Ticket Printing Solutions

Event Ticket Printing

At Orion we professionally design custom-printed tickets which contain various levels of security features. We have decades of experience working with high profile UK events including the Brit Awards, Glastonbury and Leeds & Reading Festival. We also have lots of experience working with various show & agricultural organisations nationally. We are a one stop shop for all your event printing needs, explore our unique offering more below.

Professional Ticket Printing For Events and Beyond


Make your tickets memorable with our huge range of styles, colours, sizes and security features. Our in-house team of experienced designers will work closely with your team to create a ticket that reflects your event. We offer double sided or single sided ticket options with custom printed security features to bring your ticket to life.

Whilst the tickets are an extremely important feature of any event, at Orion we go above and beyond for our customers. We also offer items such as gift packs and branded lanyards to bring your event to life for your ticket holders.

We also provide other vital event printing for items such as:

  • Car parking passes
  • Staff & performer lanyards
  • Hospitality badges
  • Sticky passes
  • RFID passes
  • Wristbands
  • Drink vouchers


Secure printed products for events


We offer a huge range of bespoke security features to keep your tickets safe from counterfeiting and fraud. With our specialist design service we bring your tickets to life in a way the represents your event. Each ticket is completely personalised to include the name of the ticket holder and any relevant details such as seat number.

Ticket Printing


Our reinforced wristbands are ideal for one-off events. All our wristbands are completely customisable with different colours and can contain QR codes or barcodes. We highly recommend adding our adhesive tab that destroys the wristband upon removal. This feature avoids replication or resale of wristbands and protects your revenue.

Parking permits

Use our parking permits to simplify the parking process at your events. With pre-paid parking options we can send the permits directly to your ticket holders to save time on the day. We can supply hangers, stickers or passes for dashboards amongst other options.

Car Park Permit Printing

Drinks Vouchers

We can supply drinks vouchers or meal tickets for your ticket holders. We can include security features such as UV ink, foils or holograms to avoid replication. Don't lose revenue due to fake vouchers, create a voucher that is completely secure and official for your event.

Gift Voucher Printing


Badges are an essential for any event whether it be for acts, sponsors, VIP areas or security personnel. We can include QR codes so that your attendees and staff are easy to recognise and verify. We can also add features such as foils or holograms and add names or photos for extra security.

Specialty Solutions

How can Orion make my event secure?

Top Quality Security Features

Don't risk fraudsters taking over your event, with secure printed products you maintain your revenue and mitigate your risks. Make your tickets, vouchers and other printed items impossible to replicate with bespoke security features. Our common security features used for event printing include holograms, UV ink and security foils. All of our security features are completely bespoke and can represent a logo or pattern that's unique to your event. We aim to constantly advance our security features to make them harder to replicate. With concert ticket fraud up 529% since February 2022 it's important to protect your ticket holders from fake tickets. We offer innovative secure printing solutions to keep your events safe.

Security Print Features


Customers often like to keep their tickets and event items as souvenirs, so it's important that your designs are memorable. With a huge variety of design options available our high quality printed products are the perfect solution. Stand out from your competitors not just with the printed materials but by offering t-shirts, lanyards and bonus items. Talk to a member of our customer service team to find out more about our full offering for festivals and events.


Experts in event security

We have been working with the events industry for decades and we can help you to make your event a success. Our event clients include the Brits Awards, Glastonbury, Leeds & Reading Festival and F1. We help organisers to streamline their event printing and safeguard their revenue. We support your product from the original brief all the way through to distribution. We love to print, and our clients will always be at the forefront of our operation. We're able to provide samples and implement innovative security features in your tickets to fight fraudsters.

Find out more

Our bespoke printing solutions offer you a new strategy for all your event printing needs. Our event ticket security features will help keep your venues and events regulated and safe from fraud and counterfeiting.

We can add on as many bespoke elements as necessary including names and photos of your attendees. Security is at the forefront of what we stand for. As such our premises has 24 hour patrols and CCTV to keep your products secure. All our staff are CRB checked and we have advanced security protocols in place at our facility.

View more security print features

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We have decades of experience working in the growing festivals industry. In the past we have worked with huge events such as Glastonbury and Leeds & Reading Festival to provide secure printed products. We have even expanded our unique offering to cover festivals from outside of the UK.


Nothing is off limits, we have even produced the ultimate festival survive kit that went down a treat with festival goers. Including branded ponchos, miniature cosmetics and glow sticks, make your event unique with customised products that are exclusive to you.


Orion have experience in providing secure printed tickets for sports events including horse racing. Streamline the entry to your stadiums with bespoke QR codes that link directly to your entry system.


Another popular product used at sports events are our range of Tattershall badges. The quality and durability of our badges has far surpassed those previously seen on the market.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Event Ticket Printing below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

How to create tickets for an event?

For big events it’s essential for organisers to use a professional security printing company. Our expert in-house team are on hand to assist you every step of the way. From the initial brief through to dispatchment of your ticket, we can handle to process throughout. Protect your revenue and create a secure ticket that you’re proud of.

Can I see samples of your printed products?

We offer samples of our materials and security features prior to rolling them out across your printed products. We create digital designs prior to printing so that organisers can view them and suggest any amends.

How do I make my event tickets counterfeit free?

It’s important to use professional level security features to prevent fraud at your events. All our security methods are completely bespoke to each individual event. These include holograms, foils UV inks and watermarks. We can also conceal images and add numbering or fixed colours to increase security further.

How do I get a quote?

If you’re interested in our event ticket offering then get in touch with a member of our team. You can use the contact form on our website or ring us on 0115 930 7517.

Can I have printing on the reverse of the ticket?

We offer both single and double sided ticket varieties. Talk to our in-house design team to explore options and decide the best approach for your event.