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Secure Permit Printing Solutions

Car Park Permit Printing

Car parking spaces throughout the UK are at a premium, especially as our population grows. Each car parking space has an ever-increasing value, and as a source of revenue it is vital to have protection against fraud. Therefore, printing secure car parking permits or window stickers is more important than ever for your organisation, and we can help you with that, as we have with multiple other companies. If you’d like to look more at our work, feel free to visit our case study page or read our testimonials!

Secure Car Park Permit Printing in the UK


At Orion, we have been growing and evolving our business and printing methods for over 25 years. Doing so we’re able to provide a range of secure car parking permit printing solutions for various venues including councils, trusts, universities and football clubs. They’re able to be provided in various formats, including car parking hangers. The permit printing services that we’re able to provide include:


  • Scratch card parking permits
  • Resident parking permits
  • A4 letter parking permits
  • Vinyl permit holders
  • Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)
  • Car parking hangers


Our friendly and expert in-house studio will work with you closely on your design and security features, allowing you to produce an on-brand, effective and modern parking permit. Therefore, you’re able to pick what type of parking permit you’d like printed, with bespoke designs and innovative security features implemented into them. This will not only be aesthetically pleasing and branded, but also fight fraudsters.

What type of Car Parking Permits can Orion provide?

Scratch Card Parking Permits

Both a means of management and revenue collection from residents, visitors and casual parkers are offered by our scratch cards. Through innovative design and acquired skills, our scratch permits offer protection against the permit being used outside its validity by giving the traffic warden a greater chance of spotting altered permits, fighting fraud. These specific permits can be supplied to display in the side window, dashboard or can be hung on the rear screen mirror, depending on your preference. For permits of longer validity, they can be given extra security by the addition of a secure laminate, allowing that extra safety to your organisation.

Resident Parking Permit Printing

We’re able to take your database through secure processes and personalise your residential car parking permits with name, address, parking space and more. Our fulfilment division enables us to dispatch to the end user - such as the resident who has applied for the car parking permit - with a full audit trail, all of this causes the permits to be a lot more personalised and informational.

A4 Letter Parking Permit Printing

As a company that pushes to be innovative and constantly improve our security features, we can make our A4 integrated letter/permit be supplied with increasing levels of security. As well as a better toner adhesion, which is an important feature applicable to clients’ in-house printers, features include: Watermark paper (visual to inspection) Special perforations Holograms Gold foil numbering Gold or rainbow bar codes 3D barcodes that would relate to client terms and conditions These parking permits can also be supplied as a standard piece of A4 stationery or as an integrated push-out, which is then adhered to the windscreen as a window sticker, depending on your organisation's preference.

Car Park Permit Printing Security Features


At Orion, we push ourselves to stay on the leading edge of bespoke printing solutions, implementing security features into our products that keep your organisation safe from fraud. We can provide various security features for car park permits, depending on the type of permit you desire, and you can read more about the individual features on our security features page. Some of the features available for car park permits are watermarked paper, special perforations, holograms and foil numbering, 3D barcodes, rainbow barcodes and more. As an innovative business we look to keep revolutionising our secure printing, and fighting fraud is a primary concern for us. 

View more security print features

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The education industry had an estimated revenue of over £43bn in 2020, and continues to grow. With a lot of students living at university, there are a lot of opportunities for university parking permits for students, making this an industry that would greatly benefit from bespoke and safe parking permits.


The event industry is extremely popular and constantly growing, and it is worth £39.1bn, which makes it an obvious industry for us to work with. We have worked with stadiums, event hosts, arenas, organising bodies and a number of major clients from different backgrounds. You can visit our client page to view more events we have worked with including The Brits, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds festival and more. A lot of events require parking permits, whether it be for a season or a one off, therefore this industry is the perfect example of one that will benefit from secure, bespoke and personalised parking permits to keep their event safe from fraud.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Car Park Permit Printing below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

How do I get parking permits printed?

You can get parking permits printed at any professional company that has the capability to do so, such as ourselves. Using a company like Orion will provide you with not only bespoke and professional parking permits, but also safe and secure ones too.

How much is it to get parking permits printed?

Our prices depend on which parking permit you want printed, as well as the security measures you wish to take. Different elements added onto your order can alter the price, therefore it is best you contact us for more specific information.

How do I make my parking permits counterfeit free?

At Orion we have a wide variety of security features that are able to be implemented into our products, including parking permits. These features can be foils, watermarks, holograms and much more. To find out further information, head to our security features page.

Can I see samples?

Yes, we are able to send samples of security features, materials, as well as any digital versions of designs prior to actually printing them. This ensures you get the best out of the product desired, and that it is perfect for purpose.

Why are parking permits effective?

Parking permits are effective as they may reduce traffic flows on residential areas, allowing the amenity of the area to be improved with vehicles being parked in a more orderly fashion.

How do I get a quote?

We’re more than happy to help you with any enquiries and provide you with the relevant information about our printing solutions, just head to our Get In Touch section above or contact us.