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Local Currency Printing

Local Currency

At Orion, we are an established security printing company that has accumulated invaluable experience across numerous sectors through our 25 years. We have worked with many of the UK’s favourite brands as seen on our clients page, and we are able to provide various services including local currency printing. We have continued to grow and evolve over the years, and so have security features and an expert in-house design team that can bring your local currency to life.

Secure Printing of Local Currency


As experts on special security printing solutions here at Orion, we are able to offer secure printing of local currency. Independent local currencies are rising in popularity with more schemes emerging each year globally. We have the capability and technology to make a significant impact in the local currency market as we have acquired the appropriate skill set and expert team to provide and execute effective and authentic local currency for our clients. 


Local currency is continually recycled through the retail system unlike its paper gift voucher counterpart, and we have developed a secure paper that can withstand constant handling and avoid wear and tear as you would expect with banknote paper.

The Benefits of Local Currencies

Protect and Nurture Local Economies

Local currencies help build community spirit whilst reducing carbon footprint and decarbonise its local economy. Local currencies can be used alongside official currencies to help strengthen the local economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which helps keep money circulating in the city.

Gain control

Local currencies help areas gain better control over their financial resources which helps keep the decisions local to understand particular social cultures. By utilising local currency, it helps the particular area gain control and fund community projects.

Help the environment

Local currencies reduce climate destruction and increase self-sufficiency. They do this because they avoid important things that don't need to come from other countries or areas far away, which then benefits the environment. Local currencies are more environmentally-friendly, and in some cities in the UK, members of the Green Party have introduced local currencies.

Local Currency Security Features

All of our products and services are equipped with innovative and effective security features, including our local currency solutions. All of our notes include top quality security features such as gold foil numbering, and each local currency project has its own requirements which can be fulfilled by our in-house team. From foils and holograms to watermarks and unique sequential numbering, your local currency is bound to be protected against fraudulent activities and attempted forgery.

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Retail Industry

The retail industry has over 300,00 separate businesses in the UK alone and this industry handles currency all day. Therefore, it is the prime example of one of the industries to be involved with local currency printing, when certain retail stores join in with the local currency’s trader network, they are helping provide the benefits of using local currency to their local economy.

Finance Sector

In 2021, the financial sector contributed over £173 billion to the UK economy, making it an extremely important industry and vital for the economy. With local currency, it can help local economies gain greater control over their financial resources and raise money for funding in their area.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Local Currency below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

What is local currency?

Local currency is a currency that can be spent in a particular location at participating organisations. This type of currency circulates mostly locally and at a community level and works as complementary to an official, legal currency.

What are the benefits of using local currency?

Local currency is able to protect and nurture local economies whilst allowing economies to gain greater control over their financial resources. Local currency is also better for the environment.

Is local currency secure?

Yes, local currency is secure and when designed we are able to implement certain security features onto the notes to stop fraudulent activity and tampering, just like an official bank note.

Is local currency legal tender?

Local currencies are not legal tender, so no one has to accept them in exchange for goods or services if they have not agreed to be part of the currency’s trader network.

Where can I get local currency printed?

It is advised to go to a professional and secure printing company such as ourselves at Orion Print to get your local currency printed. This is because the notes need to be very secure to avoid any tampering, counterfeiting or fraudulent activity.