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Gift Card Design

With 25 years of experience under our belt we pride ourselves on the effort we put into the designs of your gift cards, with the help of our expert in-house designers that’ll help you every step of the way, you do not need to worry about your gift card design. Over the years we have grown and evolved with technology, as have our techniques, which allows us to implement innovative features into the design to keep them safe and combat fraud. We have provided an abundance of unrivalled designs for many companies across various industries.

Expert In-house Designers


Looking for a new way to get the world to know about your business? Well, at Orion, we have accumulated an expert team of in-house designers that are capable of working with you and your company to produce the most effective, secure and on-brand gift cards possible. 


Gain consumer loyalty with the effective marketing approach of gift cards, and with the help of our team your consumers will be able to turn birthdays, anniversaries or special celebrations into opportunities to promote your business. You can work with our team with any design ideas you may have and we can use our skills to bring them to fruition, to create a gift card solution that not only suits your business with our bespoke designs but also can help avoid fraud. 


Why choose Orion to design your Gift Cards?

Bespoke Designs

We are able to completely personalise your gift cards to make them on-brand and eye catching to consumers, as gift cards can be an effective marketing technique, the design is a key element that’ll need to be perfect to promote your business in your customers pockets.

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Implemented Security Features

Security measures are top priority at Orion and we implement them into all of our work where we can. We have the ability to add and customise security features to suit your business needs and fight fraud, counterfeiting and forgeries. We are aware that security within printed goods is a growing concern, so as a company we keep evolving our techniques and remain committed to revolutionise the way we implement these features into all of our work.

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Marketing Collateral

Our in-house designers are also able to take care of your marketing collateral, wallets and long service award artwork that is associated with your gift card and gift card offerings. This will boost the aesthetic and provide extra branding for customers which in turn promotes your business further, becoming a solid marketing technique.

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Secure Gift Card Designs

Orion has decades of experience in providing secure gift card designs as we’re able to draw upon our expertise in numerous industries and we are always pushing to innovate new ideas. We are able to advise you of the latest security features available for your gift cards, which will provide your company’s gift card scheme safety from counterfeiters and fraud issues. From using holograms and watermarked paper, to a production run that takes place solely within our secure, controlled environment with regular checks and constant CCTV, your brand’s currency will be safe in our hands.

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Gift Card Market

The first card card voucher appeared around 20 years ago, and ever since the gift card industry has been developing dramatically. Global gift card sales have grown considerably in the past 5 years, with 76% of adults deciding to purchase at least one gift card for holiday shopping. Due to the growth of the market, it is a smart idea for companies to utilise gift cards as they are a cheap and effective way of marketing. Having your branding in 76% of adults’ pockets provides huge reach for your business and the ability to maintain loyal consumers.


One of the main industries utilising gift cards is the retail market, offering gift cards at every till and even for other businesses. Having your gift card in a retail store is a big advertisement and returns customers to you, gaining consumer loyalty. To stand out in retail spaces, you need top tier gift card design, which we can help you with. Our expert in-house designers can provide the skills and secure insight into an effective gift card design for your company to shine. We also offer personalisation within our gift cards, allowing your logo to be put onto it, when consumers use the gift card they are exposed to your branding.

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Take a look at common FAQs for Gift Card Design below. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our team.

How do I design a gift card?

Designing a gift card may be best done by a professional, such as our in-house designers who can help you every step of the way and work with you to not only create an aesthetically eye-catching design, but also a secure one too. However, if you’re wanting to design something yourself, you may want to utilise Illustrator and Photoshop.

Can I get both sides of the gift card printed?

Of course! At Orion, we have the capability to print on both sides of the card, providing more creative opportunities and secure elements to be implemented onto your gift card.

Will I get to see samples of the gift card?

Yes – we can provide samples of your gift card, any materials, security features and digital versions of the designs before printing, this will ensure you receive a gift card that is perfect for you and your business.

Where can I get gift cards designed and printed?

It is recommended that you use a professional printing service with a design team to help you design, create and print gift cards such as ourselves. We have over 25 years of secure printing experience and host a huge range of bespoke services to create the perfect gift card for you.

How do I make my gift cards counterfeit free?

With the advancement of technology not only do security features evolve but so do fraudsters. Therefore, as an innovative company we are proud to offer various security features to add to your gift card to prevent counterfeiting and fraud.

Can I use images from Google on my gift card?

Any images you use will need to be your own, ones we’ve designed or if they are from google then they need to seek permission from the copyright holder, unless the image is free for commercial use.