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The Uses and Benefits of Security Printing

16 November 2022

Printing is vital for many people and a lot of companies, but the demand for secure printing is becoming more apparent every day. Security print services are an essential part of many products, especially products with a monetary or social value such as tickets, certificates or gift cards. With a huge range of security features available, you can secure the value of your item and prevent replication from fraudsters. Throughout this blog we’ll look at what secure printing is, how it can benefit you as an organisation and which type of industries use secure printing solutions.

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What is secure printing?


Secure printing is the process of creating documents and products in a professional way that prevents unauthorised copies being made. This type of printing is able to be accomplished by using high-end secure printing machines, or secure print software. With a host of innovative methods, security print has come a long way in the last ten years and now has now expanded into the digital marketplace too. Lots of companies are fulfilling their products online rather than giving out physical copies of items such as gift cards and tickets, so ensuring encryption online is just as important as securing the physical items. 


What type of products are to be expected to utilise secure printing?


There are many products that can benefit from secure printing and security features, as these help keep the product authentic, safe and free from counterfeiting. Here is a list of some that we provide at Orion Print, from physical products to e-products:



What are the benefits of secure printing?


Prevents confidential information getting into the wrong hands


Secure printing can help prevent error and fraud by ensuring that sensitive data, intellectual property and personally identifiable information do not get into the wrong hands. This can include things such as financial information, patient records, medical research data and more. With the use of security features, you’re able to make your documents authentic which combats any forgery and counterfeiting that may allow someone access to the wrong information.


Prevents error and fraud


Secure printing allows you to prevent errors, fraud and other issues that can occur with standard printing techniques. With the use of professional security features, your documents and products will be authentic and protected. It also provides an efficient way of producing documents quickly and effectively, reducing costs associated with waste or defective products, or any costs associated with counterfeited products.


Customer relationships


Through the use of secure printing solutions, you are able to connect with your consumers in an effective and safe way. From producing plastic card products such as membership or loyalty cards, through to representing your brand with gift vouchers and e-gifts, all of the above can help increase customer loyalty to your brand.


Safe events


Tickets for events are extremely important, with industries such as festivals and sports keen to protect their profits and ensure only legitimate customers can gain access. Offering innovative techniques to ensure security is upheld for event tickets, there are options to add unique and customisable security features to stop counterfeiting and keep your events secure, not over populated and running smoothly.


How can secure printing help you?


Secure printing is able to help your business to meet targets with better efficiency, protect profitability and safety. If you want to protect your company’s sensitive information from being stolen or leaked, secure printing is a cost-effective way to do it. No matter your industry, there is always a way secure printing solutions will benefit your business.


Secure printing has become an essential part of any businesses security strategy because it provides data protection at an affordable price. Your products from gift cards to tickets will be secure and authentic, combatting any fraudulent activity to keep your company and events safe. This not only protects you, but also will save you money from paying for any changes or fixings.


Get in touch

If you want to improve the efficiency and safety of your business, then secure printing is an essential part of the solution. You can reduce costs and improve productivity, all whilst improving your customer relationships. Feel free to get in touch with us at Orion Print if you’re interested in how we can help your business with secure print solutions today.