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Certificate Printing

Orion has over 25 years’ expertise in professional certificate printing services, as well as registration and secure documents, across numerous sectors. Our printed certificates and registration documents are used for:

  • University degrees and college diplomas
  • Accreditation bodies and societies
  • Award certificates
  • Institutes and associations

What security is there for printed certificates and registration documents?

Secure Certificate Printing ExampleAdvancements in certificate printing technology mean that traditional documents are vulnerable to forgery. Combined with the ability for fraudsters to print fake certificates and registration documents online, this has caused immeasurable problems for many institutions. Forged certificates and registrations are used to support job applications and provide a false proof of identity or bogus ownership of goods. This makes them a valuable product and a particular target for criminals.

To deter or prevent activity such as identity theft or the distribution of fake diplomas, our secure certificate printing features include:

If you are affected by document fraud, then please get in touch.

Add secure plastic cards to complement your registration documents

Our latest investment has been in digital print and plastic card production, which we can produce for added security alongside any registration document. We can add personalisation such as photographs, QR codes, barcodes and expiry dates to correspond with their paper counterparts.

What brand protection is there for printed certificates?

Our in-house design capabilities mean we can create fresh original documents – as opposed to using existing certificate templates. This enables us to be consistent with any corporate guidelines, ensuring your brand is completely protected.

At Orion we also offer expert advice on brand protection for your printed certificates. By using our vast array of materials and unique printing processes we are able to give your certificates or diplomas the ultimate protection against copying and fraudulent alteration, using both visible and hidden security features.

An addition to our product range is My Display Certificates where the candidate’s investiture photo is incorporated alongside a personalised mock certificate. Not only does this reinforce your brand, but it’s a wonderful way for students to create a lasting visual memory of an achievement.

How are printed certificates checked, stored or distributed?

We also use latest technology and in-house, custom-made software. This gives our clients peace of mind that any certificates, diplomas or registration documents that we print are secure and accurate. Once printed we store certificates at our purpose-built, high security unit.

We can manufacture a secure base stock for future overprinting by our clients to a bespoke specification, which is then stored securely at our site. Or, we can tailor a complete certificate printing solution to fully supplement your business and its requirements.

Our i-Validate security has been created as a means of verifying certificate authenticity electronically via online portals. A portal is branded to your organisation. This allows anyone, anytime, anywhere, to check the validity and contents of the certificate, without having to physically inspect them at our secure site.

If you are affected by document fraud, then please get in touch.

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