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Exeter Pound

As hosts to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Exeter planned to launch their new local currency to coincide with the increased activity and prosperity that these international events would bring to the city.

Orion worked closely with the Exeter Pound team and local designer Si Paull of Sound in Theory who had been commissioned to design a unique set of notes.

For the design template we used the successful Bristol Pound model, which allows free graphic areas whilst retaining the essential security print zones and features these documents would require.

This template was then used by local artists who were winners of a competition to design the new notes. Their work was chosen for each note after submitting their artwork to panel of judges.

This created a local “ownership” of the notes – essential to their acceptance in the community.

Having established the appropriate levels of security with the designer and the Exeter Pound team, a mix of different note denominations were then produced by Orion, including a special £E15 note to commemorate Exeter’s hosting of the 2015 Rugby Worlds Cup.

This featured Exeter Chief’s Full Back – Jack Nowell and just like the Totnes      t£21 note, the notes value of £E15 gave it added appeal and novelty value.

Following on from the success of the special Rugby World Cup note, Exeter Pound have now launched a unique £E4.50 note to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the Exeter Ship Canal.

The Exeter Ship Canal has brought trade and prosperity to the city for many years and this latest note, based on Si Paull’s template features images that reflect the history and present day use of the Quay:

‘Exeter Canal below Exeter Cathedral’ by Arthur Henry Enoch is part of the collection of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) and features in their current Quay exhibition.

‘The Quay Cellars’ by local artist Matthew Rogers reflects the commercial and leisure uses of the ship canal today.

The new E£4.50 note as well as the current £E1, £E5, £E10 & £E20 are available from the usual outlets in the city and from the online shop on the Exeter Pound website.

For more information visit: