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Unsung Heroes

10 July 2020

In recent weeks, the entire nation has been united in celebrating the key workers who have looked after us during the coronavirus pandemic. NHS staff have saved our lives; delivery drivers have made sure that those in isolation can still get the supplies they need; supermarket workers have kept our shelves stocked; carers have worked tirelessly to look after the most vulnerable of us; and many other essential workers have proved themselves to be the heroes they always were.

The print industry also has its heroes. Over the past few months, teams have worked around the clock to ensure that vital products for healthcare, Government, social, pharmaceutical, and food sectors are still being produced and supplied to these front line services – meeting the demand at every turn.

This video from our Managing Director, Jim Richardson, celebrates the hard work and commitment of the Orion team to ensure that our vital services have remained fully operational throughout this challenging and unprecedented time.