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The Uses of Specimen Bags in Various Industries

26 March 2024

What is a specimen bag?

A specimen bag is a special bag that holds, moves, and stores various items. These items can include biological samples, money, evidence, and other things. They are strong, leak-proof, and seal tightly to protect samples from contamination and maintain their integrity. Most specimen bags are also see-through, which allows for easy identification, especially during transit and storage. It’s common for specimen bags to come with forms attached, which could even include labels for proper documentation and tracking purposes.

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The uses of specimen bags in different industries

Medical and healthcare industry

Specimen bags play a role in the healthcare field serving various purposes. They securely transport samples like blood, urine, stool and tissues, from patients to testing centres for analysis. 

Specimen bags are used in laboratories / labs and hospitals. They store organs, tissues, and samples. Researchers use these for medical research, organ transplants, and patient analysis.


Pharmaceutical industry

Specimen bags are essential tools in the pharmaceutical field. They help keep our drug and chemical samples organised and secure for testing and analysis. Plus, they’re handy for transporting samples from trial participants. Trials are important for testing new treatments and medicines to make sure they are safe and work well for patients.


Environmental science and ecology

Here, researchers use the bags to collect samples of soil, water, and air for research and analysis. This can help workers within the environmental science and ecology industry to understand environmental dynamics. Specimen bags collect animal and plant samples for research, helping us understand ecosystems and keep them safe.


Forensic science

In the forensic science industry, professionals use specimen bags to collect and preserve physical evidence. Evidence found at crime scenes can include hair, blood, fibres, and biological materials. By using the bags, workers in this industry are able to preserve the evidence for analysis and examination. Specimen bags store DNA samples for processing and comparison, crucial for identifying suspects and solving cases.


Food industry

Specimen bags are used in the food industry. Inspectors and quality control teams use them to collect food samples. This is done for safety and quality assurance purposes. Specimen bags help improve food production and farming methods by collecting plant samples for agricultural research studies.


Industrial and manufacturing

Within the industrial and manufacturing sector, specimen bags are used in collecting samples. The samples collected are usually chemicals, raw materials or even finished products. 

These will then be used for quality control and analysis, but can also be used in metallurgical analysis in order to collect metal samples. Metal samples help in testing, corrosion analysis and material characterisation.


Transport industry

Specimen bags are used in the transport industry as they are air-tight and secure, allowing them to get from sampling to analysis securely without any risk of contamination or leakage. 

As they are also labelled, it allows anyone transporting these bags to fully understand what they are moving, so there is no risk of mixing up the samples. These bags also allow money to be transported securely when collected at events or on public transport, such as buses to hold their money.



Specimen bags are not just useful in human healthcare settings, they are also used in animal care as they allow biological samples from animals to be collected, transported and then analysed. This helps with diagnostic, research or treatment purposes of the animal samples.


What are the benefits of a specimen bag?

Orion specimen bag infographic - the benefits of specimen bags



In summary, specimen bags are essential across many industries. They securely transport and store samples for analysis, research, and quality control. From healthcare to forensic science, environmental studies to food safety, these bags play a vital role in preserving samples and ensuring data integrity. Their versatility extends to industrial and transport sectors, where they aid in secure handling and transportation. Even in veterinary care, specimen bags facilitate sample collection for diagnosis and research. 

Overall, their reliability and functionality make them indispensable tools, contributing to advancements and efficiency across diverse fields with many benefits such as safe transport, identification and traceability, improved safety, and efficiency and convenience. 


Are you in need of secure specimen bags?

If you are looking for secure and informative specimen bags, we are able to provide them at Orion so that you can sample, transport and store contents securely without the risk of contamination or leakage. Our specimen bags are utilised by a variety of businesses including those that handle huge amounts of cash at numerous locations before sending it to a centralised cash office. They are not just used in the healthcare sector. If you would like to learn more about our specimen bags, contact us today.