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Orion develop “Membership Card System” for leading auctioneer

17 January 2017

Orion was approached by the number one auctioneer in the East Midlands, SDL Graham Penny to create a bespoke system to speed up the registration process for regular auction attendees.
“We contacted Orion to help with this project as they were able to offer the full package regarding the build of a secure print system and the fact that they were able to manufacture bespoke plastic cards on site.” Chrissie Walker, Head of Marketing & PR.
Prior to the system being introduced towards the end of 2016, bidders were requested to fill in a registration form and show identification each time they attended an auction. This was becoming a frustration for frequent attendees.
Any bidders whom are now part of the “membership system” do not need to show ID on arrival as details are securely saved on the system. They can attend any SDL group auction and have their unique barcoded membership card scanned to gain entry.
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“The new membership card system is so easy to manage and our customers love the fact they can register much quicker now. Adrian at Orion listened to all our requirements and created an excellent bespoke system which integrates seamlessly with our existing customer database. We’re hoping to expand the system further in the future to speed up other areas of our auction sales process.”
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