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Integrity Communications Group’s Website Launch

31 January 2024

ICG launch Graphic

We’re excited to share a significant milestone in the journey of Integrity Communications Group (ICG) – the launch of the new website. This moment is particularly thrilling for Orion Print as a proud member of the Security Print division. The website not only marks a technological advancement but symbolizes the unity and strength of ICG across diverse sectors.

The Power of Unity

ICG stands as a commercial powerhouse with divisions spanning Communications, Labels, Commercial Print, and Security Print – Orion Print’s domain. Together, these divisions form a dynamic ensemble, each contributing unique strengths that synergise to create powerful capabilities. This unity is the cornerstone of our success and positions ICG as a comprehensive B2B solution provider.

What sets ICG apart is its ability to offer comprehensive Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions. From the creative innovations in Communications to the precision of Labels and the versatility in Commercial Print, ICG serves as a one-stop destination for unparalleled B2B services. Our commitment is to meet and exceed the expectations of businesses seeking excellence.

From Vision to Reality

The launch of the new group website serves as a testament to ICG’s unwavering commitment to excellence. It reflects the seamless integration of our diverse divisions and highlights our collective strengths. Navigating through the site, visitors can witness firsthand how ICG transforms visions into reality with precision and expertise. The website not only serves as a digital presence but as a showcase of our capabilities and the innovative spirit that drives us.

Explore the new ICG website and witness the collaborative efforts that have gone into making it a reality. Here’s to the power of collaboration, unity, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for ICG and its divisions, including Orion Print.

Integrity Communications Group continues to redefine industry standards, providing comprehensive solutions across sectors. We look forward to the future with excitement, knowing that the power of collaboration will drive us to even greater heights.