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How do e-vouchers work?

18 September 2020


What is an e-voucher?

Also known as an e-gift, or virtual gift card, an e-voucher is an electronic voucher, an electronic version of a gift voucher, that is typically delivered to a customer via SMS or email, often with a personalised and branded message. E-vouchers can be redeemed either online using a specific code, or in store. E-vouchers have become an increasingly popular choice as they offer the recipient instant access to discounts or promotions whilst on the move. This has been enhanced by recent technological advancements in 4G and 5G mobile networks, as well as more accessible public Wi-Fi.

What is an e-code?

An e-code is simply a specific code (typically 4 to 16 digits) that can be used at a checkout or on certain websites in return for goods or services. E-codes can be generated in multiple formats and can be aligned to an existing physical product or as a stand-alone campaign.

What is an e-voucher PIN?

When redeeming an e-voucher online, customers will normally be prompted to provide a 4- or 5-digit PIN. This is an additional security feature that can added to your e-voucher or sent separately to the customer via email or SMS.

Are e-vouchers secure?

As e-vouchers can be used to purchase valuable goods and services, it is imperative that your e-voucher supplier has the necessary security measures in place to help prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the information received, and to make such information as secure as possible against unauthorised access.

All generated e-codes should be stored on secure servers using high level encryption to prevent data being intercepted during transmission.

When delivering e-vouchers on your behalf, your supplier should also provide a tracking service for each code and offer management information for successful deliveries, soft bounces, hard bounces, and when the recipient has downloaded their reward. As well as confirming secure delivery, this information should also allow you to track the performance of your e-voucher campaign or loyalty scheme.

Can I customise my e-voucher?

Your e-voucher provider should have a flexible and easy-to-use system that offers multiple design themes and customisable options for your e-voucher campaign. These should allow you to update your design for seasonal offerings and promotional events. The consumer can then add further personalisation to the e-gift, such as including personal messages and uploading photos from their devices.

Why choose e-vouchers?

The Orion Solution

Orion are one of the UK’s leading security printing companies that provide e-vouchers and e-codes to clients across a broad range of industries – from high street and global ecommerce retailers, to banks and leading loyalty scheme providers.

Our e-voucher and e-code solutions can be integrated neatly into your existing ecommerce platforms, offering your customers an alternative to the traditional vouchers or gift cards. Our ecommerce solution is compatible with most payment processors, so clients can benefit from their own transaction fees and usual reconciliation process. Your corporate clients can choose to receive bulk codes securely via encrypted emails or straight to their SFTP.  If an e-voucher is preferred you will receive unique URLs, each containing a pdf, which your recipient can print out and spend.  Alternatively, Orion will take the strain – simply send us the data and we’ll deliver!

With regular security testing and off-site disaster recovery, you are assured that your e-codes always remain protected, and you can be safe in the knowledge that they are also being tracked through OSCA II – Orion’s Stock Control & Analysis system.

To discuss your e-voucher or e-code requirements, please call one of our friendly team or leave us a message.