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Exeter Pound £E450 free money giveaway!!

31 July 2017

Exeter Pound is giving away £E450 of free money – to keep but not to spend – all through August.

£E4.50 notes will be hidden in plain sight around the city centre for people who live, work or are visiting Exeter to find and keep.

They were in circulation as a short-run note for the last six months of last year funded by the Exeter Quay and Canal Trust to mark 450 years of the Exeter Ship Canal in 2016.

Daniel Hillier, director of Exeter Pound and vice-chair of Exeter Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said: ‘We have some notes left over which we want to share’.

‘The £E4.50 note is the most beautiful we have produced with a historic painting of Exeter Quay by Arthur Henry Enock from the RAMM collection on one side and a contemporary image we commissioned by Matthew Rogers on the reverse of the arches along the quayside’.

We hope people have fun looking for the notes, enjoy the art and finding out more about Exeter’s history.’

There will be a link to to find out how and where to buy and spend the notes currently in circulation in 166 local independent local businesses to keep money circulating in Exeter.

Exeter Pound launched in September 2015. There is now approaching £E40,000 in circulation. If £1 is spent in a local independent business £1.73 is generated in the local economy, in a national or multinational chain this would only be 35p.