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Bowie Note Print sells for $1700 at auction

30 August 2016

Following the death of David Bowie earlier this year there has been a surge in Bowie memorabilia as fans seek to remember this legend of British rock music.

Shortly before his death Bowie gave permission for a limited number of display prints of the B£10 which contains images of Bowie from the iconic artwork on his Aladdin Sane album and the first copy has just sold at auction for $1,700.

Profits from the sale of these prints go to the Brixton Pound which supports local projects in the Brixton community.

In the recent resurgence of alternative currencies the Brixton Pound was the first London Borough to introduce their own scheme.

Characterised by strong visual images the notes soon gained worldwide attention, not least by portraying David Bowie on the B£10 note.