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Blog Interview with Paul Neal

31 May 2017

How long have you been at Orion?

Some would say too long but 23 years

Describe your role – was does a typical day look like?

My role as Sales Manager also encompasses project management as many of my clients are involved in complex events spanning the entire globe.

I usually start around 08:00 – checking overnight emails and prioritizing them for the day.

Having attended to any outstanding items from the day before, I then look at my current sales enquiries and plan out their production requirements so that an precise estimate can be produced.

Some jobs require extensive planning due to their complexity, which this essential to ensure the accuracy of work once it is in production.

Once the sales estimates are complete they are then emailed to the client and any other previous quotations followed up to ensure they have been received etc.

Daily contact with our production helps me to manage customer expectations in terms of delivery, as most jobs are extremely time sensitive, especially when working to a fixed race calendar.

Doing research for new sales opportunities and following up any leads takes up the rest of the day which usually finishes around 5:30pm

Looking after the client and always being there to sort out any issues creates good long term relationships.

That is why I have kept clients for over 20 years. They trust me.

How did you get into secure print?

I served my apprenticeship in yacht & boat building but needed a career with better prospects (and more money)

What is your area of expertise? Local Currencies and Event ticketing / accreditation

I love complex projects. One of my clients is a world premier motorsport organization with whom I have worked for 28 years.

This involves over 800 different product variations which would give most people a headache but I love it.

Local Currencies give me the opportunity to have an input into their design and make up and it gives me tremendous job satisfaction to see a set of notes come to fruition after many months of collaboration with the schemes organisers and often years of very hard work on their part.

What should a customer consider when thinking of launching a Local Currency Scheme?

I always recommend looking at the security levels and features first before embarking on the design.

There is nothing worse than creating an amazing design then realizing there is nowhere for the security features to go.

Most memorable event?

Becoming a Father

Proudest moment?

When my Son won Gold to become the Junior British Short-track Speedskating Champion, qualifying him for Team GB

What do you do when you aren’t at work?

Cycling is my passion but family always comes first.

If you could have dinner with 3 people of your choice, who would they be?

My Mum, Mother in law and oldest Brother, the 3 most inspiring people I have ever known

Last film you saw?

Grand Torino – Clint Eastwood

Last book you read?

Mr Nice

Favourite joke?

Can’t print that but did you hear the one about……….

‘Go to’ dinner party recipe?

Anything Mexican

What album can you listen to without skipping any tracks?

Myths & Legends of King Arthur – Rick Wakeman

What are you afraid of?

My shadow

If your life was made into a film, what would it be called?

You’ve been framed

Who would play you?

Hah – one of the Muppets

And what would the soundtrack be?

The Benny Hill theme

What would you do if you won the lottery?


Tell us a unknown fact about yourself.

During my boatbuilding apprenticeship I helped to build a sailing dinghy for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand (and no the dinghy didn’t sink!)

Best pieces of advice ever given?

Measure twice and cut once – Learned the hard way from my boatbuilding days but it should apply to every decision you make.

Never break a promise to a child.

Don’t eat yellow snow.