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Orion Signs Up for “TREEMENDOUS” Carbon Capture Programme

June 24, 2021 11:20 am Published by

Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Capture programme operates in partnership with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland charity, aimed at expanding and protecting woodlands here in the UK. Supplied through Premier Paper Group, Orion Print can now capture the amount of CO2 emissions from our paper purchases and track them on a monthly basis.

Carbon Facts

  • Woodland is the second largest sink of CO2 after the oceans.
  • The CO2 is captured by the planting of trees in new native woodland here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust’s Government backed Woodland Carbon Scheme.
  • The UK has just 13% woodland cover compared to the European average of 37%.

What is Carbon Capture?

Orion Carbon Trees

Carbon Capture is a method of mitigating CO2 emissions and encourages reduced carbon solutions for organisations. It directly creates native woodland in the UK and provides for wildlife, habitats, and green spaces for everybody to utilise. It allows organisations to demonstrate their values and commitment to a responsible approach to the environment.

How Does it Work?

Our leading paper supplier, The Premier Paper Group, is offering customers and their clients the opportunity to capture the CO2 emissions from their paper purchase by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme.

  • The average amount of CO2 emitted from the manufacture and distribution of a tonne of paper has been calculated.
  • The Calculation has been verified by the Woodland Trust using Carbon Trust and DEFRA figures.
  • An organisation elects to Carbon Capture their paper purchases and the amount is shown as a separate line on invoices.

Why Should We Conduct Carbon Reporting?

Carbon Capture

  • The pressure on organisations to demonstrate good emission management and sustainability initiatives is growing.
  • The UK Government Climate Change Act requiring that greenhouse gas emissions reduce by 80% by 2050 (against 1990 levels)
  • Quoted companies on the London Stock Exchange were required to report their annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Many large organisations, Government departments, local authorities, universities, colleges and schools are already committing to carbon reduction initiatives and are benefiting from demonstrating their environmental values to their stakeholders.
  • Businesses are increasingly expected to report their green credentials, from annual reports to sales tenders and external communications
  • The CO2 captured can be used and stated in company reports under guidelines for voluntary schemes. Carbon Capture can be considered as a charitable sponsorship and can be deducted from business profits before tax.
  • 100% of the Carbon Capture charge goes directly to the Woodland Trust without any deductions.

What Has Been Achieved to Date?

  • 66,712 tonnes of CO2 captured – that’s as heavy as around 13,500 elephants!
  • Over £1.1 million raised for the Woodland Trust to date
  • Over 266,000 trees planted (166.78 hectares) so far – that’s enough to stretch over 142 miles – roughly the distance from London to Sheffield if planted in a straight line.

In relevant news, Integrity Print’s Chief Executive, Mark Cornford, planted 1,000 trees with the Woodland Trust back in February 2020. He completed this landmark project by planting over two hectares of woodland on his land in South Somerset through the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods project. Read more about this project here.

1000 Trees Project


Orion is proud to be a part of the Carbon Capture Programme. Adrian Elliot, Sales Manager, comments:

“Signing up for the carbon capture program was a no brainer for us. We all have a responsibility to try and make a difference to the world we live in. At Orion we felt this program is a great way to help the environment and creates UK woodland for future generations to enjoy.”

Follow us for regular updates on our carbon capturing!

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