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Fulfilment Solutions

Secure fulfilment solutions to provide effective product delivery and safety

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Product Fulfilment

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Alcohol Fulfilment

Security features

Professional Fulfilment Solutions

With Orion, you can be sure that your products are protected from the very first moment. We are able to provide the appropriate insurance for your product all the way through to the point at which your client or customer receives it.

Whether your item is a physical product or digital, we have the services to dispatch products effectively and efficiently with the utmost security. We have improved speed and accuracy, especially with our digital fulfilment systems which automatically process and verify customer information and orders. We’re able to gain insights and data from previous deliveries to gain optimal routes which further speed up processing in the fulfilment centre.

From paper gift vouchers to loyalty rewards, our purpose-built fulfilment solutions of physical items have been enhanced as time goes on based on market trends and technology evolution. With cutting-edge stock control, we can provide our clients access to our stock control analysis system called OSCA II. This allows them to securely monitor their own orders and stock, and it gives accurate and real-time MI reporting to help manage your business.

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Product Fulfilment

At Orions secure fulfilment facility, we're able to fulfil a huge range of physical products. From products created in-house at Orion such as gift cards, tickets and certificates, to items to accompany your out-going marketing communications such as free gifts. We even have a liquor licence enabling us to fulfil alcohol to your customers, which usually goes down a treat!

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Digital Fulfilment

We are also able to handle the secure fulfilment of digital items, such as eCards and eCodes that are held on one of our servers. We can fulfil these via SMS or Emails, linking directly to your customer database, enabling us to add personalisation to increase customer engagement.

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Alcohol Fulfilment

At Orion we are licensed fulfillers, meaning we are able to fulfil speciality products including alcoholic beverages. Whether you're a manufacturer, or are just looking to use alcoholic products as part of a promotion - we can assist with secure fulfilment to get your products to the right place at the right time.

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Plastic Card Fulfilment

Our plastic cards are able to be completely customised and tailored to support a variety of sectors and businesses. From membership cards to loyalty cards, we use high quality plastic and have the ability to print various sizes. Not just do we create your cards but we can mail them out either in bulk or to individuals as part of our fulfilment service.

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Ticket Fulfilment

Exceptional, secure and innovative tickets printed for your event or business. With custom and personalised features implemented into the ticket with security features, your events shall stay secure. Get them delivered directly to your customers securely with Orion Print.

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Items dispatched each year


Years of fulfilment partnerships



Our approach to secure fulfilment

Here at Orion, we have established secure fulfilment partnerships with various businesses for over 25 years. Our expert fulfilment team dispatches 4.5 million items each year to organisations across the world. We have advanced tracking on each item, which is tracked, traced and then reported to make sure we have secure documentation and our clients receive 100% satisfaction.

Whether a live paper gift voucher, pre-denominated gift card, or physical items as part of an ongoing loyalty scheme. Our services include:

  • Paper gift vouchers
  • Plastic gift cards
  • Personalised greetings cards
  • Long service awards
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Branded complimentary merchandise
  • Identity cards and supporting security documents
  • Photographic identity documents
  • Secure certificates
  • Entry tickets for concerts, sporting events, festivals, exhibitions

Fulfilment with Orion

Our team at Orion are all security checked and our premises are monitored constantly. We have secure access keys and CCTV systems whilst taking regular and random checks throughout the fulfilment process. Our servers can only be accessed through a strong firewall by encrypted usernames and passwords. Predetermined end-points are used and are held on a secure server, in a secure data store. Therefore, you can be assured that any product you require from Orion is safe and secure, whether it is digital or physical.

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We felt that it was important to offer our customers a quick and easy way to purchase a Pizza Hut gift card or eGift – working with the team at Orion provided a one-stop shop for both physical and digital products and we are already discussing further improvements to the customer experience.

Priten Mistry

Pizza Hut Restaurants UK

We contacted Orion to help with this project as they were able to offer the full package regarding the build of a secure print system and the fact that they were able to manufacture bespoke plastic cards on site.

Chrissie Walker

SDL Graham Penny

For over 10 years now we’ve partnered with Orion for the production of our tickets. Our Account Manager and the in-house artwork team understand the parameters involved when producing something the fans want to keep, whilst safeguarding against counterfeits at the same time. Their experience of working with Marshall Arts as well as the ticket agencies ensures a smooth path and Orion really deliver. Working in conjunction with Orion provides us with an ‘after sales care package’ too – they really go the extra mile.

Ben Martin

Marshall Arts

Partnering with the team at Orion has been one of the best decisions we have made. The level of customer service is only matched by their attention to detail and an ethos of ‘get it right first time’. Orion has reduced our cost to serve by 12% and the time they devote to our registration documents give us the confidence that once it is in Orion’s hands, we have nothing to worry about.

Sean Bailey


Orion has been a valued partner of ours for the past three years and helped assist with some unique print solutions. We have always found them to be extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

Joe Baker

ICOM Works Ltd

Thomas Cook and Orion have built up an amazing relationship over the years. I can’t speak highly enough of the team – they are consummate professionals who go out of their way to deliver a great product and fantastic service.

Sophie Hogan

Thomas Cook Group

Orion has proved an invaluable addition to our dispatch team, looking after the majority of our everyday orders dispatching them and liaising with our fulfilment team. We have always found them to be helpful and fun to work with, and look forward to a long future together as partners in fulfilment.

Caroline Watson

The Gift Card Centre

I can highly recommend Orion Print. Their personable and professional service has been highly efficient at all times – from ticket design to production to delivery – faultless!

Helen Hoban

Silverstone Circuits Limited

Bristol Pound have worked with Orion on a number of occasions and have always been very impressed with customer service and the eventual product. They offer an excellent specialist service for local currency notes and (as one of the biggest complementary schemes in the country) we will continue to use them and recommend them to others.

Owen Davis

Bristol Pound

Personalisation of B2B gift cards is an important point of differentiation that helps M&S for Business stand out from the crowd. By working closely with Orion to leverage the power of the brand we have been able to deliver powerful campaigns for clients.

Warren Humphries

M&S For Business

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Require more insight? Read our FAQs on our fulfilment solutions below.

What is your fulfilment process?

Consultation – your Account Manager will consult with you to fully understand your business and its fulfilment requirements.
Systems integration – we’ll ensure that we have the right connectivity in place to fully integrate with your internal system with the minimum of development required on your part.
Files and assets – the format and frequency can be determined by you, and they’ll be delivered safely via encrypted email, SFTP or API connection.
Delivery – this can be in bulk to your corporate customer, individually to the final recipient or we can even service your whole network of offices or retail outlets.

Can you offer fulfilment for alcoholic products?

Yes, we are able to supply alcohol as part of our fulfilment processes. Orion is fully licensed to distribute alcohol on our client’s behalf.

How do I keep track of my products and deliveries?

You are able to securely monitor your stock and orders through OSCA II, which is our stock control and analysis system. With this, you can choose from a suite of pre-existing reports and alerts. We can create reports for your business requirements.

Do you provide digital fulfilment too?

Yes, we are able to provide digital fulfilment as part of our fulfilment solutions. Digital fulfilment uses innovative and integrated technology and automated order processing to boot efficiency of logistics whilst speeding up the supply chain. Digital solution integration can provide business owner with relevant data and analytic to improve the entire customer experience.