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Specimen Bags

At Orion Security Print we are specialist manufacturers of secure specimen bags. We offer printing solutions to medical and pharmaceutical industries, providing items such as sample bags, which are widely used to securely transfer biological fluid samples between departments and laboratories. Our tamper-proof specimen bags feature a leak-proof adhesive seal and are fully compliant with UN 3373 regulations. 

These bags are also used in businesses where large volumes of cash are handled at different locations and are then sent to a central cash office.  Typical examples are cash collected for ticket sales at the entrance to sports stadia or cash collected by public transport staff on buses.  Details of the total amount submitted, broken down into different note and coin denominations, are written on the integrated paper form to assist the cash office in checking and reconciling the monies received.

Our specimen bags are available in a range of sizes, as are our integrated labels meaning they can be provided to suit each job/department.

Take a look at our multipart Specimen Bags

Benefits of our Specimen Bags

  • Ensures samples are labelled correctly
  • Documents do not become separated from the samples
  • Helps to avoid cross-contamination of samples 
  • Samples can be tracked & traced through our testing system
  • Tinted sample bags are available to make it easy to distinguish between departments
  • A specialised absorbent material can be added into the bags to help ensure the safety of staff in the event of sample tubes leaking or breaking

Medical sample bags with integrated labels

Within the medical profession it’s important that samples can be labelled correctly and tracked to suit each department. Our Specimen Bags are attached to department-specific printed documents which can also include barcoded labels that can be peeled out and applied to sample tubes, patient records and critical care documents. The document is unique to each requirement and can incorporate instructions for use, as well as security and authentication features. They can be supplied as individuals or stitched into booklets for handling and distribution.

Tinted Specimen Bags for easy classification

The aim with our specimen bags is to make the lives of workers in the healthcare industry as easy and straightforward as possible. With this in mind we can produce tinted specimen bags for easy distinguishment classification between samples intended for different departments. This not only streamlines the sorting of samples for reception staff but also reduces the risk of samples becoming lost. We can also add bespoke printing to any of our bags, including department names to make it even clearer.

Take a look at our single part Specimen Bags

Easy open features

To help with safe and easy access to the samples, we can include a range of seals. Our options include a perforated/scored polythene or a resealable tape, meaning you can customise your sample bags to suit different departments and uses. We can also add bespoke printing to our specimen bags to highlight their features and how to use them.

Upgrade to include Biomaster

As well as all our other extras, you can choose to upgrade your bags to include the Biomaster solution. This solution pro-actively prevents the growth of bacteria on all treated surfaces, making the product more hygienic to handle as well as reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Biomaster provides a second line of defence against harmful bacterias and has been independently tested to conform to ISO 22196 standards.

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