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Personalised Printing

At Orion we invest in the latest digital print technology to bring you additional revenue, offering your customers the option to add a personal touch to your gift card range for example. Our personalised printing solutions are a great way to create better relationships with your customers, and there are a variety of ways we can customise your products to support your campaigns.

You may have seen recent ad campaigns from some of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca Cola, Nutella, Amazon and Barclaycard, who have recently started using personalised printing solutions for their products – a great way for their customers to feel appreciated and engaged with the brand.

How can we personalise your gift cards?

Imagine that feeling your customer will have when they open their mail in the morning to a personalised printed gift card, from their favourite fashion brand for example, containing their name and a short message from the kind person who has sent it. Or that excitement your customer receives when they get a cinema gift card with a photograph of their favourite movie hero.

With our personalised printing solutions, we can edit gift cards with photos from a pre-defined stock image library, or your personal photo library. Alternatively, your customers can choose from your existing range of gift card designs and add the personal printed message to a complementary greetings card. Your customers can then opt to have the greetings card and gift card sent to them directly or to the recipient of their gift on a specified date to ensure your customers never miss that special occasion.

Personalised Plastic Card Printing for corporations

Your corporate clients can make their staff and customers feel extra special by adding their company logo to their chosen gift card. We can personalise the colours, text font and style to stay in line with your company branding too, for a truly unique and personalised feel. When rewarding your customers, it’s extremely important to have a strategy and end objective. Effective rewards happen when the audience has been pre-considered and possibly even canvassed to ascertain their hobbies, location and behaviours. Building up a demographic about your customer is essential to being effectively able to reward, and further engage with them.  What better way is the to demonstrate some thought has gone into the process than to add a personalised message on a greetings card. By adding a personalised message to your customer’s gift, it’s been proven that the perceived value of the gift is higher. “63% of consumers want total personalisation including photo uploads, video content or packaging” – UK Gift Card and Voucher Association.

Personalised printing software

Our personalised printing options are fully customisable, and can be changed to suit your business needs. The best part of our fully personalised printing service is it’s all taken care of for you by the specialist team at Orion. With little or no effort on your part, we offer the whole service from Gift Card Printing, the personalisation and all the way through to fulfilment of these gift cards, sending them out to your customers as part of a strategised campaign.

We can offer a variety of services to suit your company’s security print needs – speak to the team at Orion today for more information.

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